Think that Gallon of Agua is Helping Your Hangover? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

Did you have too many tequila shots or one too many micheladas with your compadres last night? Yes? Then you’re probably wanting to die from your ever-so-hated-and-dreaded HANGOVER.

Now here’s the bad news… all of those remedios you thought were going to help you in the morning are not. They’re myths. Forget about drinking gallons of water and eating your mamá’s caldo de res. According to a recent article in Wired, “Everything Science Knows about Hangovers – and How to Cure Them,” you’re not dehydrated. In fact, your hangover has more to do with the way alcohol acts in your brain than anywhere else in your body.

The good news is, researchers are close to figuring out how to counteract this and help avoid a hangover. Until then, limit the tequila shots amigos.

Read the full article here.

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