Ultimate Style Guide to Nailing Tomboy Sexy

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If you haven’t heard of them all ready, then take note. Perlas Negras is an all-female Brazilian rap group you should definitely have on repeat and you MUST take fashion-inspo from. The trio from Rio de Janeiro effortlessly mix-and-match jerseys with sequins and booty shorts with layers of gold chain — a style that is the ultimate marriage of cool meets sexy.

Off the Chain


Teens Mariana Alves, Alice Coelho and Jennifer Loiola (L to R) bring ordinary chains to a whole other level. Make gold the centerpiece by layering over a simple black ensemble.

Crème de la Crop


Yes, we all love the crop top. What Perlas Negras does is take this overtly sexy style and give it a girlie flair with pleated skirts, pastels and lace.

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Radiant Reds

Want to scream self-confidence? Wear red. Brave enough to amp it up a bit? Take a cue from this trio and wear red in a bustier, bodycon dress or top with cutouts. Extra points if you add some sassy finger pointing.  ☝️ ?

 B&W Patterns

2015 #black ??

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Black and white is super-sexy and ultra chic, especially when you play with patterns like stripes and chevrons.

Cool B&W


You know you want to be on their fashion team with threads like these. Glam up sporty attire by pairing a jersey with sequin shorts or just go for the gold in a sequin, jerseys-inspired dress.

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Short Shorts


Cutoffs are more than beachwear. Pair leather shorts with a crop top for a date-night worthy outfit. Choose denim with a long-sleeved graphic tee when cruisin’ around the farmers’ market. And opt for blinged out with studs and a graphic sweater when heading to a concert.

Graphic Ts


Sure, plain white T’s are a staple. But give this classic an update by getting one with a giant image of your fave singer.

Color Pop


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Proof that Latinos Don't Play When It Comes to Cakes


Proof that Latinos Don’t Play When It Comes to Cakes

Move over, Cake Boss. Latinos are the true masters of cake. Don’t believe it? Check out these amazing-borderline-insane cakes only Latinos could bake up.

Because you didn’t have enough lace on your baptism gown.

This has abuelita written all over it.

The first hijo is always the more important hijo.

“Eres un rey, Angelito. Never forget that.”

The taller the cake the closer to God. ?

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closeup of the cake #baptismreception #baptismcake

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Our cakes are full productions…

Just throw some reggaeton in the background and the cake is right at home.

And the more lights and crystals, the better, obvi.

We all have that friend who’s cake was half of her quince budget.

Stacking your cake layers is so basic.

It’s called deconstruction and it is all the rave right now. #getittogether

When we pick a theme, we fully commit.

Even if we might second guess it later, there is no turning back.

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You’re too young to care, but mami wants to impress the birthday guests.

“Let’s see what Yolanda thinks after she sees this cake.”

We can, and will, transform anything into a cake.

Me: Quiero une pastel de lucha libre.

Mami: Challenge accepted.

Of course, we have to show our fútbol pride any chance we get.

Mami: What do you want on your cake?


Mordida and your birthday shot all rolled into one. #latinovictories

We want our weddings as picture perfect as the movies.

Even if the movie is about how two people fell in love and could never be together…

It’s all about the presentation.

Like mom says, the state of your house represents the state of your life.

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Nothing says “I do” like blowing your life-savings on a wedding cake.

Bride: We need to make sure that the cake is at least 5 tiers taller than Lupita’s.

Groom: Why?

Bride: You wouldn’t understand.

Groom: Whatever you say, mi amor.

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