Rainbow Flags and Glitter Cannons: Two Things You Won’t Find at A Gay Wedding


Just the thought of a gay wedding brings up images of rainbow streamers, go-go boy entertainment and glitter cannons covering the crowd with gay-approved decor. Now that gay marriage is legal, everyone can finally enjoy the ultra decadence and over-the-topness that can only come from a gay wedding. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Bakeries will probably get mass orders for colorful wedding cakes.

But wait, looks like tres leches is also a gay wedding fave.

Huh, look’s like “gay wedding cake” is subjective.

At least flower girls and ring bearers will get new swag.

You get a rainbow! And you get a rainbow! Everybody gets a rainbow!

Or the little tykes can dress like they are at a straight wedding.

Adorable kids in suspenders? Why not?

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Surely the first dance will be an epic, pulse-pounding club jam.

*cue techno/dance beat* Uts. Uts. Uts.


Oof.  Looks like they love slow dancing to Dreaming of You like everyone else.

Because who grinds for their first dance?

No gay wedding is complete without a rainbow arch to stand beneath, right?

Judy Garland? Is that you?

However, it isn’t reality.

This wedding just doesn’t feel gay enough.

Of course, a ton of glitter and confetti is expected. No one parties like the gays.

Thanks, girl! I feel so ready.

Oh wait, glitter is so 2001.

Okay. Things are seeming too normal with these gay weddings.

All guests must bring their own rainbow flag to celebrate, right?

And of course half-naked men will dance on a stage near the nuptials.

 Not even a rainbow piñata full of Skittles?

Oh, come on! Where is the gayness people were so afraid of?!

Please tell me there’s a rainbow walkway.

Cities everywhere are using them so it makes sense they would appear in gay weddings.

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Nope, just a normal walk down a beige aisle here.

So, gay weddings are just like other weddings? Who would have thought?

Surely guests will up their gay game for the reception, right?

Credit: Frank L. Jones / Facebook

So shiny!

Wrong again.

The gay gods are crying right now.

Guess it’s time to stop calling them gay weddings.

They all just look just like… weddings.

Because weddings are about love and unity not your sexual orientation.

So, the reception won’t be anything like a Saturday night out?

Let’s hope Nick Jonas starts touring on the wedding circuit!

Just when we thought we had figured it out…

Well, looks like some things will never change.

Have you been to a gay wedding? mitú wants to know. Tell us in the comments below.

There's a Twitter Bot That Will Correct You If You Tweet "Illegal Immigrant"


There’s a Twitter Bot That Will Correct You If You Tweet “Illegal Immigrant”

If you’re going to use the phrase “illegal immigrant” on Twitter,  expect a prompt reply from @DroptheIBot. The brainchild of Fusion reporters Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas, @DroptheIBot is programmed to recognize when someone tweets the words “illegal immigrant.” Then it’ll reply with a suggestion to use “undocumented immigrant” or “unauthorized immigrant” instead.

@DroptheIBot only has one thing to say.

That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less.

But people who get called out are getting pissed.

Actions can be illegal but people cannot.

Like, insult-slinging pissed because bots have feelings, you know?

But where would you like them to shove it, @michaelmeans49?

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Some have tried to fight the bot.

Bots don’t need to be asked, they just do their job.

Others have taken the opportunity to learn and grow.

*round of applause*

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Several Twitter users are excited that someone has taken a stand.

Even undocumented activist Julissa Arce gave her praises.

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Yet, some still don’t get it’s a bot.

Again, bots don’t have feelings. You’re not ever winning this fight.


The @DroptheIBot account has been suspended by Twitter.  According to Twitter, there are three reasons why accounts are suspended: sending spam, hacked account, and/or abusive tweets. It is anyone’s guess why @DroptheIBot got suspended, but it is likely @DroptheIBot’s messages were flagged by users as spam.

What do you think about @DroptheIBot’s attempt to correct Twitter users? mitú wants to know. Let us know in the comments below!

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