Fail-Proof Ways to Answer Your Psycho Ex’s Question

Running Into My Ex-girlfriend

It’s that awkward moment when you run into your psycho ex-girlfriend. She wants to know everything: What have you been up to? Where are you working? But she really wants to know why you broke up with her. So, how do you tell her you’ve moved on to Jackie because she has a bigger booty without sounding like a complete assh*le? Follow Josh Leyva’s lead.

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#mituFIT: THE Better Breakfast Sandwich

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#mituFIT: THE Better Breakfast Sandwich

breakfast sandwich

Apple Breakfast Sandwich


2 apples (cored)

¼ cup of almond butter

½ cup of shredded coconut

¼ cup of raisins (or any dried fruit you love)


1. Once the cores have been removed, slice the apple into ½ inch rings.

2. Using a knife, spread the almond butter on an apple slice.

3. Sprinkle shredded coconut on top of the almond butter and add 4 to 5 raisins.

4. Top with an apple slice to form a sandwich. Enjoy!

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Sándwich de Manzana


2 manzanas (sin corazón)

¼ de taza de mantequilla de almendras

½ taza de coco rallado

¼ de taza de pasas (o cualquier fruta deshidratada que prefieres)


1. Corta las manzanas transversalmente en rodajas gruesas de ½ pulgada.

2. Con un cuchillo esparce mantequilla de almendras sobre un sólo lado de la rodaja.

3. Espolvorea el coco rallado encima de la mantequilla de almendras y añade pasas alrededor.

4. Coloca una rodaja de manzana encima de las pasas para formar un sándwich dulce y saludable!

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