It’s Time to Expose #TheLiesWeTellKids

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Trust is hard to build and even harder to restore. Yet, that didn’t stop mom and dad from taking advantage of our innocence. Our parents lied to us  as kids about anything from El Cucuy to human anatomy. If you can’t trust your parents, who can you trust? Here are some of #TheLiesWeTellKids we still remember.

Our parents lied when it was clear we knew the truth.

I thought you grew up in Florida, dad.

Show me a kid who doesn’t make a mess and I’ll show you a technicolor unicorn.

They lied and used fear as an essential tool to raise us.

I’m not scared of el Cucuy! *pulls blanket over head*

Wouldn’t there be a warning label or something at this point?

Wait? What?! When will mine grow in?

And lies make your nose grow.

But I only did it for a second!

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But actions always speak louder than words.

Then why did Felipe get a new phone and I got a pack of socks for Christmas 2001?

Isn’t lying about God a mortal sin?

I’m sure God doesn’t have time to micromanage.

And how dumb did they really think we were?

It was cute at first, until we discovered the truth thanks to Google.

At 7 years old: “Oh. Haha. That’s funny.”

At 14 years old: “Oh. So that’s what ‘tickling’ is. Awkward.”

In turn, we learned how to lie from our parents.

We’ve all lied about being on our way or around the corner.

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Some lies were meant to build us up.

Then use the eyes on the back of your head!

Hope you’re ready to pay for my art degree, ma!

Still stand by your argument, mom?

Okay, mommy. I believe you.

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Most of the time they lied to keep us busy.

Nope, not once since 4th grade.

When all else failed, they lied big and they lied boldly.

Well, seems like you have bigger problems at the moment. I’ll come back later.

What lies did your parents tell you growing up? mitú wants to know. Let us know in the comments below.

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