The 5 Best Butt-Shaping Exercises by Fitness Expert Massy Arias

Chicas, see those coconuts behind you?  Don’t let them get saggy; a Latina butt is to be coveted after all. Lift and shape yours with these five exercises designed by fitness expert Massy Arias — BTW, have you seen her coconuts?!  Warning: this will not be easy, but the burn will be worth it next time you throw on your fave bodycon dress.

Squat Jumps for Joy

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TAG YOUR BUDDIES TO CHALLENGE THEM TO THE "ALL LEVELS" JUMP SQUAT CHALLENGE 👇🏽😙 Video shows the move for beginners first, then intermediate, then expert. Chair trick: if you're a beginner using a chai SQUAT JUMPS: plyometric move targeting quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves. Make sure your back is neutral at all times. Push though your heels and not your toes landing softly at all times letting the coconuts and hamstrings do the deceleration for you, not your feet. CHAIR MODIFICATION: using a chair will help you with your squat form, stabilize and balance you during the exercise and make it easier all around. This is great for beginners. BEGINNER: 6 sets of 12 reps (take your time it is not a race 1 min active rest by walking around). INTERMEDIATE: 8 sets of 15 reps (challenge yourselves ,active rest 30s-1:30s walking around) EXPERT: 10 sets 15 reps 45 sec rest with added resistance. remember this is your journey no need to complete all sets within the given time frame based on rest times given…if you need to rest more, do so! #themassymethod #Godschild _________________________________ MENCIONEN A SUS COMPAÑEROS Y DESAFIENLOS AL RETO DE SENTADILLAS PLYOMETRICAS CON MODIFICACIÓN PARA PRINCIPIANTES. 💪 el video muestra el modo para principiantes 1ro, intermedio, y experto. SENTADILLAS pliometricas : mantener una Espalda neutral empujando desde los talones y no los dedos de los pies. Siempre aterrizar suavemente usándo los cocos y femorales al decelerar. PARA MODIFICACIÓN: al saltar aterrizar sentándose en la silla como guía para dar balance y estabilidad. Usar una silla también arreglara tu forma al hacer sentadillas si eres principiante. PRINCIPIANTES: 6 series de 12 repeticiones 1'minuto y medio de descanso INTERMEDIO: 8 series de 15 repeticiones (retense ,de 30s-1min minuto de descanso activo caminando) EXPERTO: 10 series de 15 repeticiones 20 segs de "descanzo" 45segs de descanzo. Recuerden que esta es tu hornada y no tienes que que basarte en el tiempo que te he dado. Hazlo a tu nivel y tomate el tiempo necesario de descanso para hacer la próxima serie! #elmetodomassy #hijadecristo

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Weighted Donkey Kicks

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TGIF and thank God for the donkey raise exercise. To build those coconuts ladies and gents . COCONUT CHALLENGE! WHO ARE YOU GOING TO CHALLENGE? MENTION THEM! Booty building exercise: donkey kick raise with constant contraction of the coconuts by pulsing. How to: with or without weights , if adding weight place a dumbbell betwee the back of your knee and calf muscle. Raise your leg into the donkey kick and as you pulse make sure you're contracting the coconuts like lime wedges. The challenge is simple: 5 sets of 20-30 pulsing reps per side with 20 second rest per coconut. To finish off and get both aerobic and anaerobic benefits , we will finish off with 15-20 mins of stairs either outdoors or at the gym using the stair master ! there you have it. Let's start Saturday with strawberry coconuts In case we gotta put our little black dress on 😍😜 I got you ladies! #themassymethod #godschild ________________________________________ GRACIAS A DIOS QUE ES VIERNES !!! Y GRACIAS A ESTE EJERCICIO Y RETO QUE VAMOS A HACER HOY (o cuando puedan). A QUIEN VAS A RETAR? MENCIÓNALOS AQUÍ! Para construir los cocos: este ejercicio patadas de burro 😂😂😂 estoy traduciendo estrictamente al español porque no tiene nombre . Como hacer: (con o sin pesas) se colocarán una mancuerna en la parte de atrás de las rodillas o donde este cómodo agarrando la pesa con la pantorilla . Eleven la pierna y van a pensar como que están haciendo una patada al aire enfocándose en contraer los cocos y pulsar manteniendo esa contracción. El reto es simple: 5 series de 20-30 repeticiones por gluteo. Con 30 segundos de descanso por serie. Para terminar el reto y conseguir propiedades aerobicas y anaerobicas haremos de 15-20 minutos de escaleras en el gym o en cualquier lugar donde tengan escaleras. Así que ya saben. A hacer este reto porque no sabemos si mañana nos tenemos que poner un vestidito y que mejor manera que con unos cocos trabajados ☝️☺️😜🔥 #elmetodomassy #hijadecristo

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 Targeted Side Lunge

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TAG A FRIEND WHO WANTS AN EXERCISE IDEA TO WORK LEGS, GLUTES AND ABS. THIS ONE IS A GREAT ONE! The side lunge with medicine ball side crunch, a must try. It is great to focus on one body part but if you add another in the mix you will burn more and spend less time in the gym. Muscles worked: the coconuts, hammies, quadriceps, and obliques. 4 sets of 10 reps per leg and you'll feel the 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and work those 🍑 Tip: make sure you are pushing with your heels and not your toes. Heels remain on the ground at all times. If you can't come down with a full range of motion without your heels coming off the ground this means you have really tight calf muscles and need to release with SMR and stretching. If this is the case just go down half way until you listen up those calves. #themassymethod #godschild ________________________________________ MENCIONA A UN AMIGO/A QUE NECESITE UN EJERCICIO PARA TRABAJAR PIERNAS, GLUTEOS, Y ABDOMINALES AL MISMO TIEMPO. La zancada lateral con flexion de oblicuos con bola medicinal the ayudara a trabajar los cocos, femorales, y cuadriceps al mismo tiempo pero también tus oblicuos. Este ejercicio te hará sentir el 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 así que trata 4 series de 10 repeticiones por pierna y veras que al día siguiente ciando te sientes te acordaras de mi 😅 Consejo: empujar con los talones y no los dedos de los pies. Tus talones tienen que mantenerse en el piso todo el tiempo pero si no puedes hacer el ejeercicio con un rango de movimiento completo sin que tus talones se eleven esto significa que tus Pantorillas están muy rígidas . Así que necesitas estirar y hacer masage myofacial . Modifícalo bajando hasta donde puedas sin que tus talones se eleven hasta que puedas relajar tus Pantorillas con un rollo de espuma o una pelota. #elmetodomassy #hijadecristo

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Push Up Kickback

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The push up those coconuts challenge 😁😂💪 TAG A FRIEND WHO YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE. Note: the more elevated the surface you choose to do the push ups on, the easier it Is to perform push up. So if you're a beginner use a higher bench or platform to do the push ups. Keep a neutral back at all times And to work your abs keep them nice And right during the entire routine. For the leg m kickback make sure you SQUEEZE THOSE COCONUTS AT THE TOP. Muscles worked: triceps, chest, core, coconuts (a.k.a glutes). Challenge: Beginners: 8 sets until fatigue. Intermidiate: 10 sets 5 reps on each side. Expert: 10 sets of 10 reps on each side. Finish off : 20 mins post cardio (your choice of any machine including jogging, stairs, jump rope at home, dancing ) Ready? LETS GO ! #misbehave #Godschild #yousawithere1st ________________________________ El Reto de pechadas asistidas con elevación para los cocos 😂😁💪 MENCIONA A UN AMIGO QUE QUIERAS RETAR! Nota: mientras más elevada sea la superficie o banco que utilizan para hacer las pechadas, más fácil les será. Si eres principiante usa una plataforma más elevada. Mantengan una espalda neutral y para trabajar los abdominales mantenlos activados y apretados durante hacen esta combinación. Para la elevación de pierna recuerda de apretar esos cocos fuertemente al llegar arriba . Musculos trabajados: triceps, Pecho, abdominales y los cocos (gluteos). Reto: Principiante : 8 series hasta fatigarte no importa si es dos repeticiones. Intermedio: 10 series de 5 repeticiones por pierna. Experto: 10 series de 10 repeticiones por pierna. Terminen con 20 mins de cardio de su preferencia ( incluyendo salto de cuerda, trotar, escaleras desde casa) Listos? DALE! #misbehave #hijadecristo #lovieronaqui1ro

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High Intensity Training

Are you going to pledge to push up your coconuts? Let us know in the comments below!

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English National Ballet Is Streaming Frida Kahlo Ballet ‘Broken Wings’ For Quarantined Fans


English National Ballet Is Streaming Frida Kahlo Ballet ‘Broken Wings’ For Quarantined Fans

National Opera Ballet

The life of Frida Kahlo has seen many stages. It’s been documented and analyzed in novels, essays, research papers. Depicted on screen and plays. Now, the English National Ballet is doing her colorful life justice with some “on pointe” treatment.

The world-class ballet company has launched ENB At Home, and as part of its new streaming series, will be releasing the Frida Kahlo-inspired production Broken Wings.

As part of their ENB streaming service, the company will showcase a new dance performance on its Facebook and YouTube channels for free for 48 hours. The first one to air will be tonight on Wednesday, April 22. First recorded at Sadler’s Wells in London in 2016, ‘Broken Wings’ will star lead principal (and ENB artistic director) Tamara Rojo as the painter. In the recorded ballet, Rojo appears alongside Irek Mukhamedov, who plays the role of Kahlo’s husband and fellow artist Diego Rivera.  

The story, which is choreographed by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, tells the story of the Mexican artist’s life which was often riddled with pain and heartbreak. 

More of the streaming program will be revealed as time goes on. In the meantime, English National Ballet and various other ballet houses are currently closed. For now, many are running online ballet classes for fans self-quarantining at home.  

Frida Kahlo was a visionary Mexican artist born on July 6th,

1907 and passed on July 13, 1954. She lived a short, but quite eventful, 47 years of life. While Kahlo lived in Paris, New York, and San Francisco, Kahlo is known for being fiercely proud of her Mexican heritage, using dress to evoke political meaning.

To this day, her work inspires and resonates still with the queer, female and non-gender-conforming experiences.

1. Frida Kahlo is the OG Selfie Queen.

@jollenelevid / Twitter

Most people, when they think of Frida Kahlo’s artwork, think of her self portraits. During her life, her art was eclipsed by her husband’s, Diego Rivera. Only until after she passed and the Feminist Revolution erupted in the 1970’s did the public truly appreciate her refusal to be defined by anyone else, and her whole-hearted self acceptance, as depicted in her portraits.

“I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

2. Most of Kahlo’s paintings are not of herself.

@artfridakahlo / Twitter

Of her 143 paintings, 55 are self portraits and the other 88 are not. She actually painted mostly still-life images of fruit and flowers alongside political symbols.

What do you think of the porcelain blonde girl in the white dress peering over the bed of tropical fruit?

3. Kahlo was in a terrible bus accident when she was 18 years old.

@BestOfMx / Twitter

One September morning, Frida and her boyfriend boarded a bus that would collide with a train. Her boyfriend remembers the bus as “bursting into a thousand pieces.” A handrail ripped through Kahlo’s torso.

Later, he recounted, “Something strange had happened. Frida was totally nude. The collision had unfastened her clothes. Someone in the bus, probably a house painter, had been carrying a packet of powdered gold. This package broke, and the gold fell all over the bleeding body of Frida. When people saw her, they cried, ‘La bailarina, la bailarina!’ With the gold on her red, bloody body, they thought she was a dancer.”

The column here represents her fragile spine, which would cause chronic pain for the rest of her life.

4. While bedridden, Kahlo painted her first paintings.

@toadstool_house / Twitter

Kahlo broke her spinal column, collar bone, ribs, pelvis, fractured her right leg in 11 places, dislocated her shoulder and even lost her fertility. She would live in pain for the rest of her life, but her mother’s invention to arrange a special easel near her bed eased her pain.

5. Kahlo dreamed of becoming a doctor, but instead endured more than 30 surgeries in her lifetime.

@arthistoryfeed / Twitter

Before the accident, she suffered polio as a child and was pursuing medicine. The injuries from the accident forced her instead into grief over what was lost, especially her ability to bear children.

The accident irreparably damaged her uterus, causing several devastating miscarriages. Above is a self portrait titled Henry Ford Hospital, that depicts what she lost.

6. Kahlo preferred long skirts to cover her leg.

@fequalsHQ / Twitter

“I must have full skirts and long, now that my sick leg is so ugly.”

Her leg was left severely deformed from the polio, and modern doctors now think she may have also had spina bifida.

7. Her right leg was amputated at the knee towards the end of her life.

@artfridakahlo / Twitter

You can see how her right foot on the left is withered from the polio. Eventually it developed gangrene. The right is an image Frida drew in her diary. She tried to make light by writing, “Feet, why do I want you if I have wings to fly?”

8. Frida Kahlo’s father was German.

@toadstool_house / Twitter

Her father suffered a similar fate, moving to Mexico after epilepsy developed by an accident ended his university studies. Her mother was half Spanish and half indigenous Oaxacana.

9. Frida was born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón, but dropped the ‘e’.

@SalvadorSalort / Twitter

Frieda comes from the German word “friede”, which means peace. Ironically, she dropped the ‘e’ in 1935 to avoid being associated with Germany during Hitler’s rule. 

10. Kahlo met her husband and famous muralist, Diego Rivera, in the Mexican Communist Party.

lupitovi / Pinterest

They met at a party, and she asked him to judge her work. He said that her paintings had “an unusual energy of expression, precise delineation of character, and true severity.”

Their relationship was volatile. He was 20 years older than her and immediately left his then second-wife to marry Frida Kahlo. Kahlo and Rivera divorced and remarried a year later. They both had extramarital affairs, Rivera having one with Frida’s sister.

11. Frida Kahlo was queer AF.

@GiuseppeTurrisi / Twitter

In all the ways, from her gender expression to her sexuality. She once said, “There have been two great accidents in my life. One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.”

Many historians now believe that Diego’s self-professed pride in being a womanizer is what gave her so much untold turmoil and pain.

But, soon things changed when she moved to Paris…

12. Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker fell madly in love in Paris 1939.

“Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker – a Fabulous Romance” Digital Image. MusArtBoutique. 6 July 2018.

Josephine Baker was working for the French Military Intelligence agency at the time, working against Hitler. Baker was also a singer, and both of them became famous in town for being openly bisexual.

13. Rare photos have surfaced showing Kahlo dressed in suits in family photos.

“Frida 2.” Digital Image. Bustle. 6 July 2018.

This picture was taken when she was 17 years old, just one year before the bus accident that would change everything. Frida Kahlo truly pushed the boundaries, and unapologetically so.

14. She even painted a self portrait of herself in a suit.

“Frida 5.” Digital Image. Bustle. 6 July 2018.

Her hair was in pieces all around her on the ground, and she held a pair of scissors to her groin. Historians always assumed it was a threat to Diego Rivera for his infidelity or some kind of message of self-hate.

15. Kahlo redefined Mexican mythology in her work.

@ransomcenter / Twitter

Monkeys are usually symbols of lust in Mexican and Colombian mythology, but Kahlo always depicts them as tender, protective symbols.

Perhaps a message to all of us recovering Catholics that there’s nothing threatening or inherently wrong about lust.

16. Kahlo’s “The Frame” was the first piece of Mexican art purchased by the Louvre.

@neongreece / Twitter

Her work, today, also garners more money than any other female artist. While she was alive, Pablo Picasso took an interest in her work, alongside other surrealists, to which she responded:

They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.

17. Kahlo had several exotic pets…like monkey exotic.

@ReadingInHeels / Twitter

Pictured above is her fawn, Granizo. She also had a few Mexican hairless Xoloitzcuintli (that hairless dog breed that was coveted by the Aztecs), a pair of spider monkeys named Fulang Chang and Caimito de Guayabal, an Amazon parrot called Bonito and an eagle named Gertrudis Caca Blanca.

18. Kahlo arrived to her first art show in an ambulance.

Untitled. Digital Image. Lisa Wall Rogers. 6 July 2018.

During her last year of life, she scored her first solo exhibition in Mexico. Against doctor’s orders, Kahlo asked the ambulance to take her from the hospital to her exhibit, and she pulled up as if in a limousine.

19. At one point, Kahlo was force fed to keep her alive.

@Hamiltoniana / Twitter

Her many surgeries and illnesses brought a lack of appetite. Her doctor ordered that she be sent to bed rest and be fed a fattening purée of food every two hours.

The ladder depicted here is what she would use to paint from her bed, only to be replaced by a disgusting array of animal products.

On the back of the painting, she wrote: “Not the least hope remains to me…Everything move in time with what the belly contains.”

20. Kahlo has become a feminist icon.

@HarvardLibrary / Twitter

While during her life, she was known as the wife of Master Mural Painter Diego Rivera with a side hobby, she lived and painted the fullest expression of her self. Her paintings give deeply personal insight into the female experience, especially that of a disabled, queer experience during a time it was anything but OK to be that.

I am not sick. I am broken. But I am happy to be alive as long as I can paint.

21. Frida was born and died in the same house, Casa Azul.

@QatarandYonder / Twitter

Her home has since been made into el Museo de Frida Kahlo, in Mexico City. You can go visit the home that housed so much recovery, inspiration, and fearlessness.

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New CDC Report Tracks Activity Levels Of Adults And Puerto Ricans Are The Second Most Sedentary


New CDC Report Tracks Activity Levels Of Adults And Puerto Ricans Are The Second Most Sedentary

Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

A new Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report reveals that nearly half of Puerto Ricans get no exercise beyond walking to and from their cars and around the house. That’s more than three times the national average. The study concluded that the most significant factor in differences in the prevalence of physical inactivity was when controlled by race or ethnicity. Latinos were found to be the most sedentary (31.7 percent), marginally followed by non-Hispanic blacks (30.3 percent) with non-Hispanic whites having the lowest rate of physical inactivity at 23.4 percent. Respondents were classified as physically inactive if they responded “no” to the following question: “During the past month, other than your regular job, did you participate in any physical activities or exercises such as running, calisthenics, golf, gardening, or walking for exercise?” Every single state or territory found that more than 15 percent of adults were physically inactive.

The lack of physical activity leads to health problems that cost Americans $117 billion annually. The CDC is cautioning Americans, especially Americans of color, that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to 1 in 10 early deaths.

It’s unclear why Latinos and Black Americans are so singularly sedentary.


Some think that the cause is regional in nature. Americans concentrated in cities and urban areas are more likely to get exercise simply because of the proximity to exercise facilities and pedestrian commutes. The map above illustrates the inactivity levels of each state and territory for every American of every race and ethnicity. The South is significantly more sedentary than the North and the West regardless of one’s race or ethnicity. 

That said, when you look at the same states and factor for Latinidad, the statistics significantly worsen.


When race or ethnicity isn’t a factor, Oregon appears as one of the most active states in the country. When you look only at the Latinos living in Oregon, it becomes one of the worst in the country. That means that non-Hispanic white people either have more access to those gym memberships or faraway hiking trails or incorporate it into their culture more than Latinos living in the same area. 

It’s easy to assume the socio-economic factors at play here — that minorities are so disenfranchised that they simply don’t have the time or energy to exercise after their long or labor-intensive workdays. Latinas have the highest lifetime risk for diabetes across all demographic groups, according to non-profit Salud America! A small research study at the Fair Haven Community Health Center found that fear of injury and lack of energy were the most common barriers for Latina women. This is when the cultural trope of Latina moms being afraid for you to go too close to the freezer or you’ll catch pneumonia becomes pathological.

According to the CDC, Hispanic adults are 50 percent more likely to suffer from diabetes and liver diseases than non-Hispanic white adults. Inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle have been linked to diabetes meaning that the map of inactivity is bad news for Hispanics. A more sedentary lifestyle has a greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes and worsening the effects if someone already has the disease.

Meanwhile, when you look at just non-Hispanic white Americans, the map brightens up just as significantly.


“Too many adults are inactive, and they may not know how much it affects their health,” said Ruth Petersen, MD, Director of CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity. “Being physically active helps you sleep better, feel better and reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers,” she added in a media statement. The CDC has found that engaging in such physical activity could prevent 1 in 8 cases of breast cancer and colorectal cancer. 

The CDC is working to get more Americans to engage in physical activity for 25 minutes a day by 2027. In order to do this, the Surgeon General has called on cities to consider walkability as part of their city planning process. “Individuals and families are encouraged to build physical activity into their day by going for a brisk walk or a hike, walking the dog, choosing the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, parking further away in the parking lot, walking or cycling to run errands, and getting off the bus one stop early and walking the rest of the way,” the federal agency said in a statement.

The study’s data came from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), an ongoing state-based, telephone interview survey conducted by CDC and state health departments. The maps used combined data from 2015 through 2018.

READ: Food, Culture, And Physical Activities Are All Factors In Latinos Being Most Likely To Develop Diabetes

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