Dear Scar

Word Up to the Wise

Should a guy pay on the first date? Does your boyfriend complain you’re gaining weight? Don’t worry, Scar is here to help, just like Dear Abby (if Dear Abby had tatoos and a four inch scar over her right eye that she presumably got in a knife fight). Watch as Scar contemplates life and offers timeless jewels of wisdom like “bend over” and “never ask a Mexican for a threesome.”

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Cholos Try Etiquette Class


Cholos Try Etiquette Class

Cholos try Etiquette Class…Watch more Cholos Try here : bit.ly/2cVEVD4

Posted by We are mitú on Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What does etiquette even mean?

Scar, Fabian and Carlos go on to take an etiquette class and their interactions with the instructor Mrs. Olsen are hilarious. Check out what these cholos learned.

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How To Do The Cholo Zumba Dance Without Signing Up For A Class


How To Do The Cholo Zumba Dance Without Signing Up For A Class

How to Dance Like a Chola

How to dance ZUMBA like a CHOLA. Yep. Totally went there. /div>

Don't be a Leva or a Ranker, join my clika and show this video some love! OMG, It's Eddie G

Original video: Baila con Mire!

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Posted by OMG, It's Eddie G on Friday, February 19, 2016

Credit: Eddie G! / YouTube

Get your Sharpie and lip liner ready!

By now, you’ve seen all the “cholo zumba” videos that have been making the rounds, right? If not, watch them here: there’s this one, this one and this one.

K, now that you’re all caught up, Eddie G! created a tutorial video for all of you out there who want to learn a cholo zumba dance. Pull those old Dickies out of the closet and get your Sharpie and lip liner ready, because you’ll be dancing firme in no time.

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