These 5 Dating Apps Are Love at First Swipe

Tinder may be the first thing people think of when it comes to mobile dating. But you could be missing out on true love — or a steamy hook up — by sticking to just one app. Mix it up.


Credit: happn / YouTube


iOS / Android

What it promises: No more missed connections. You walk past a hottie on the street, make eye contact, trade smiles AND THEN…nothing. Wish you had an excuse to start a conversation? Well the app happn is supposed to take care that.

How it works: When you walk past another happn user on the street, their profile will show up on your timeline — and vice versa! It could be the ideal ice breaker to get a little real-life flirting going. Or a lot of passing guys on the street.


Photo Credit: HowAboutWe / Facebook


iOS / Android

What it promises: An easier way to plan a date. Let’s be real, planning a date can be even HARDER than finding a date. HowAboutWe claims it’ll make it easier for you to find a match that who loves eating, drinking and hanging out at the same places you do.

How it works: Whether you’re into salsa dancing, skydiving or binging on Netflix, this app will match you with someone who has similar interests.


Credit: Hinge / Youtube


iOS / Android

What it promises: Meet real people through real friends. Hinge takes it one step further than Tinder by only allowing you to see people with whom you share a mutual friend. That way you avoid all those randoms who are wasting your precious time. Oh, and it’s supposed to reduce your chances of being catfished.

How it works: Hinge uses your Facebook account to verify your identity and to provide your friend connections.



Credit: Lulu App / YouTube


iOS / Android

What it promises: Girls, you can create, read and share reviews of guys. Guys, see what girls you’ve dated are saying about you. OK, so it’s not exactly a dating app. It’s more like a dating tool. Think of Lulu as a Yelp made for women who want to rate boys.

How it works: Lulu connects to your Facebook account and allows you to review any guy: your bestie, that ex-boyfriend from a long-term relationship, and even that one guy you randomly kissed at the bar. You’ll probably want to avoid rating that weird dude at work who’s always starting at you. EVERYONE knows he’s a creeper.


Photo Credit: Siren / Facebook



What it promises: Siren allows women to make the first move and call the shots. Need a last-minute date for a wedding? Sick of waiting for guys to grow some balls and take you out? Don’t worry, Siren has you covered.

How it works: The app lets you send out a “Siren Call” to connect with guys that are down to get a drink, go to the movies, or find a date for that friend’s wedding so you don’t have to go solo.

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