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There’s More Than One Way To Cook A Kick-Ass Burger

It’s Burger Time

If the plain cheeseburger has been your standard for years, it’s time to upgrade. Chef JC Pavolich shows you three ways to mix things up — and you don’t have to use beef. First, Chef JC shows you how to make a tasty beef burger with oozing cheese and a spicy chipotle dressing. If fish is your thing, Chef JC grills a tuna steak, tops it with some easy-to-make chimichurri sauce and throws it on a warm bun. Oh, and there’s BACON. For all you vegetarians, there’s a portobello mushroom burger with a creamy blue cheese and jalapeño dressing that’ll send you to burger heaven.

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13 Ways Mom Put Her Chanclas To Good Use


13 Ways Mom Put Her Chanclas To Good Use

Because those chanclas weren’t just made for walking… ??

To Help You Start Your Day on the Right Foot

Mexican Moms be like!! #dejaTraigo#LaChancla #chancla #scary When You hear The word CHANCLA????

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Rise and shine!

To Swat Flies, Squish Silverfish and Chase all the Cucarachas 

La cucaracha… ¡Ya no puede caminar!

To Use It as Her Third Hand

Credit: @latinproblems / Instagram 

You knew she didn’t only want to talk.

To Help You Ace Your School Project

Credit: @shoni.from.the.block / Instagram 

She’s so resourceful.

To Get Her Freak On

Ahhh! 50 Shades will never be the same.

To Make Sure You Don’t Leave the House Looking Like a Ratchet

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#chancla #selfie

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She raised you better.

To Make Cowboy Boots More Practical During Hot Weather

It just makes sense.

To Stand a Little Taller

And prepare for a flood.

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To Get Your Brothers to Stop Fighting

Nice toss.

To Train Her Dogs

Dude, when you see that, run.

And Help Them When They’re Teething

Credit: @ese_relampago / Instagram

Because she loves her babies.

To Show You She Loves You

Credit: @latinohumor / Instagram

“Te pego porque te quiero.”

And to Obviously Discipline You

Behind every well behaved niño, there’s a mother holding a chancla.

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