There’s More Than One Way To Cook A Kick-Ass Burger

It’s Burger Time

If the plain cheeseburger has been your standard for years, it’s time to upgrade. Chef JC Pavolich shows you three ways to mix things up — and you don’t have to use beef. First, Chef JC shows you how to make a tasty beef burger with oozing cheese and a spicy chipotle dressing. If fish is your thing, Chef JC grills a tuna steak, tops it with some easy-to-make chimichurri sauce and throws it on a warm bun. Oh, and there’s BACON. For all you vegetarians, there’s a portobello mushroom burger with a creamy blue cheese and jalapeño dressing that’ll send you to burger heaven.

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Don’t You Dare: Episode 5


Don’t You Dare: Episode 5

Cooking Lesson: Burger Challenge

After J.R. steals a taste of Josh’s dinner, he instantly realizes it was a bad move. Why? According to J.R., Josh’s cooking tastes like crap. Taking offense, Josh challenges J.R. to a cook-off. For this challenge, the guys will have to grill a delicious burger. Easy, right? Not quite — it’ll have to be vegan. Who will be creative enough to make a mouth-watering dish?

#mituFIT: Burger and Pasta Dinner Swaps


#mituFIT: Burger and Pasta Dinner Swaps

Healthy Burger and Pasta Recipe

It’s time to try a new burger and pasta recipe. Put away those high calorie meals that make you feel sluggish after dinner and swap them for much healthier options. Rawvana’s zucchini pasta recipe and portobello burger are so easy to make and delicious, you won’t suffer separation anxiety from your high-carb and high-calorie dinners. Check out her #mituFIT recipes above and join the #mituFIT challenge.

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