Listen Up College Kids, These are the Things You Shouldn’t Ever Do

When I started college, I couldn’t have imagined the challenges I was going to face. College is a learning process in every way possible; it would’ve helped to know what I was really getting into. Here are the things I wish someone told me before my first day.

Your Professors are Allies

Don’t be Afraid to Ask

Free Food is ALWAYS a Good Thing

Don’t Live with Friends

It’s Ok to Get Homesick

Money Trees DO NOT Exist


Oh the Places You’ll Go

A Degree is the First Step

Find the Right Major

Photo Credit: Hunter Hayes / illlistentillyourtearsgiveout Tumblr

It’s okay if you switch majors. Do research and volunteer in your new field to make sure this is what you want to do for a living.

You Will Survive an F

Photo Credit: @projectmichi

Most colleges let you retake a fail and replace your grade. But learn from your mistake; don’t procrastinate, pace yourself and don’t depend on all-nighters to cram your studying.

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