Stressed Out? Reasons You Should Have Chilled in College


We freaked out, lost sleep and even cried because we were so stressed out in college – only to find out none of it was worth our tears. Here is why we should have chilled.

Major Commitments

The unhappy physicist
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Yeah, getting a degree matters, but major don’t. Only 27 percent of college grads end up in jobs related to their major. If only you knew that before.

Flying the Coop

Outdoor Living
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You threw fits to live in a swanky apartment like all the cool kids and not at home. Looking back, you wish you had saved on rent by living with the parentals.

Nailing It

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Grades are important, but so is being well-rounded. Thank god for that summer volunteer program that showed your employers you had experience.

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Hit the Snooze Button

Registration desk sign
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An early registration date seemed crucial for getting into the classes you needed. Why did you panic? Someone ALWAYS dropped and you were able to swoop in.

Sleepless All-Nighters

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Not that studying isn’t important, but pulling all-nighters before an exam was never worth it. Being blurry-eyed and jittery were not helpful.

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Not Having a Perfect 4.0

final grades
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A GPA is something to brag about or hide from parents…but no one has cared post-graduation.

THE Life Plan

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Five, 10 and 15-year life plans are exhausting to create and maintain. Being flexible in the real world is much more zen.

Job Track

Fortune Cookie - Job
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Some people have jobs out college. Good for them. Reality is, about 83% of grads don’t…for now.

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A Gang Member from San Diego and a Punk from TJ are the Creators of 'Cholo Goth'


A Gang Member from San Diego and a Punk from TJ are the Creators of ‘Cholo Goth’

If your parents ever worried about you listening to “devil worshipper music” or warned you about hanging out with cholos, listen to the band Prayers when they’re not around. Why?

THIS is Prayers:



Vince McMahon gulp

KICK BACK, FOO. No te asustes. They’re the creators of SD Killwave, a genre of music they’ve dubbed “Cholo Goth.”

What’s SD Killwave?

SD stands for San Diego, the city they call home. “Killwave” is a sinister play on “chillwave,” a word used to describe breezy bands like Toro y Moi and Washed Out. Still not getting it?

This is all you need to know: it’s Cholo Goth.

Credit: Prayers SD / YouTube

Prayers create songs about heartbreak, violence and surviving life on the streets over ’80s-inspired electronic beats. And it WORKS.

Singer Leafar Seyer is a member of one of San Diego’s oldest gangs.

Seyer – the dude in the middle – is a member of San Diego’s Sherman Boys gang. (If you’re wondering what Leafar Seyer means, read it to yourself in reverse. You’re welcome.)

But wait, Seyer also considers himself a “Goth kid.”

He grew up loving bands like Bauhaus and Lords of the New Church. But he rounded out his musical taste listening to bands like Pet Shop Boys.

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So why doesn’t Seyer do gangsta rap?

Seyer: “I don’t listen to gangster rap because I live it.”

In 2013, he formed Prayers with Dave Parley.


Parley is a producer and beat maker who grew up on a steady diet of punk and hardcore music (yes, he’s totally got that Rick Rubin + The Undertaker thing going on). In 2013, he asked Seyer to collaborate on a few tracks. In two days, Parley and Seyer hammered out 8 tracks.

It became their debut album, SD Killwave.

Credit: Prayers SD / YouTube

That’s a clip from the track “Ready to Bleed.” So what makes these dudes get along so well?

They’re both Mexican immigrants.

Born in Cotija, Michoacan, Seyer was a child when he and his mother crossed the border to join Seyer’s father in San Diego. They did it with the help of his uncle, who was a coyote. Parley grew up in Tijuana before moving to San Diego. 

And they don’t drink or do drugs.

Seyer says he gave up drugs and alcohol to avoid ending up in jail – he’s been locked up twice. Seyer says he’s been sober for 10 years. Parley is straight-edge.

After dropping an EP called Gothic Summer last year, Prayers are back with a new album.

Credit: Noisey / YouTube

Here’s the music video for the title track “Young Gods.” It’s like a Cholo Goth version of Michael Jackson’s video for “Beat It” –with actual gang members.

Yes, those dudes are throwing real madrazos.

Seyer: “We are not actors.”

So what’s their mission? To flip stereotypes on their head.

When he was 18, Seyer and his father opened a vegetarian Mexican restaurant in San Diego called Pokez. Not quite what you expected from a cholo, right?

Seyer told the SD City Beat: “Being a gangster means doing whatever the fuck you want. And if that means painting your nails, wearing lipstick, then that’s what it means. I had to fight to dress the way I dress. Maybe it’ll inspire some gangsters to say, ‘I don’t have to live my stereotype.'”

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