Cholo DIY: Candy Roses

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He Learned to Make these Sweet Roses in Prison

Your favorite cholo, Scar, is back with a simple, easy, and delicious DIY for candy roses he learned to make during his time in the big house. All you need is hot water, Jolly Ranchers, elote sticks, and your mother’s tupperware. It’s all about the timing, so make sure you are quick with your hands. Watch, learn, and make a dozen for your friends, family or boo.

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Can You Guess Who Mr. Worldwide’s Best Republican Friends Are?


Can You Guess Who Mr. Worldwide’s Best Republican Friends Are?

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

You know how Pitbull has become BFF’s with SO many celebrities? Like, they ALL want to be his friend? Well, seems like politicians want in on some Pitbull lovin’, too — specifically Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

“I have a relationship with Jeb Bush and I have a relationship with Marco Rubio, and when we sit down and talk, we don’t talk politics,” Pitbull said to Fox Latino.

Anyone would think that these two are looking for Pitbull’s presidential endorsements, but the singer has been clear about that for a while: “[they’re] not looking for endorsements. They like to hang out and talk. And I like to hang out and talk. I like to learn. I like to hear what they got going on and what they’re thinking.” So just guys being guys?

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Of the two, Pitbull seems to be closer to Bush. During a Howard Stern interview, the rapper shared how he told Bush about his nickname [SPOILER: Bush can be really funny]:

“I said, ‘Well, I was on the way to a pit bull fight, and a Dominican friend of mine was like, ‘Yo, that should be your name — you’re always out here fighting these guys and battling in rap and this.’ And Jeb goes, ‘Well, good thing you weren’t on the way to a cockfight.’”


Read what else Pitbull has to say about the Republican presidential candidates from Billboard here.

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