Is He Cheating?

5 Signs Your Boyfriend May Be Cheating

Excuses, excuses, excuses: Cheating boyfriends are full of ’em. But if you’re blinded by love, you may not see through the bullshit. Has your boyfriend ever hesitated to call you “girlfriend” in public? Does he always have plans that don’t include you? If you’re nodding your head “YES,” let The Natural put you up on five signs that’ll tell you he’s a cheatin’ dog.

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Masa & The Power Starring Chingo Bling - Episode 4


Masa & The Power Starring Chingo Bling – Episode 4

Let Them Boys Cook

The land is now yielding blue corn, so it’s time to COOK. When Wayne shows up with shoddy equipment, Felipe and Juan have to improvise to get their batch of masa just right. When the masa doesn’t come out as planned, Felipe has to reconsider his process — until he has a breakthrough. What secret ingredient had Felipe forgotten to add to the mix? What are you waiting for? Watch now!

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