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#mituVERANO: The Most Ridiculously Decadent Dessert Ever…BBQed Donuts

From Donuts to Būnuelos

Did you ever dream donuts could be better than when they come out of the pink box? Reality check…they can! El Guzii ups the donut ante by buttering them, grilling them and piling on the toppings. You slaved all year for your summer bod, allow a cheat day for this one.

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This Officer Interrupted a Dominican Day Parade... So He Could Dance a Little Salsa


This Officer Interrupted a Dominican Day Parade… So He Could Dance a Little Salsa

Alexis J Padilla / Facebook

When your jam comes on, what do you do? Nod your head or dance? Alexis J Padilla, a recruiter from NYC’s Department of Corrections, is one of those people who DANCE. During a recent Dominican Day parade in New York City, Padilla watched from the sidelines – until the salsa music hit. Then it was time to GET DOWN. Padilla posted a video of his moves on Facebook and wrote:

“Es que yo bailo adonde quiera, celebrating Dominican pride at DR Parade, we had an awesome time representing NYC DOC Recruitment!!!!! #Jointheboldest #NYCDOC#BeBold.”

When the music hit, Padilla was like, “Yo, can you hold this right quick?”


Everyone has done this once at the club.

Then he walked over and started getting warmed up.


He gently tapped this couple to let ’em know he wanted in on some of the action.


Then it was his turn to show and prove.


And prove he did. ¡WEPA!


Padilla hit the crowd with a few more moves…

Credit: Alexis J Padilla / YouTube

And as the parade advanced, he got a goodbye hug…


Then walked back to his crew like: STILL GOT IT.

Credit: Alexis J Padilla / YouTube

He probably looked at that one skeptical coworker like: “I TOLD YOU.”

Wondering where Padilla learned those moves?

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.39.45 AM
Credit: Alexis J Padilla / YouTube

According to his Facebook, Padilla not only worked as a corrections officer, he also had a gig at the Dance Atlantic Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Watch the full video:

Credit: Alexis J Padilla / Top Stories / YouTube

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