Abuelita’s Nonsensical Tips She Swore Would Help Us Grow Our Hair

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No one knows how to get you telenovela hair quite like sweet, little abuelita.

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You know, the lush, full, shiny type of hair we grew up watching weeknights.

Credit: unforgottenpromises / Tumblr / Univision

Or in commercials.

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Abuelita swore she always knew best, especially when it came to your tresses.

Con la #abuelita ♡ #friday

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But now that we think about it, she was pulling those tips out of god-knows-where because they make absolutely no sense. Like…

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Braiding your hair every night before bed.

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Umm… What’s the logic behind this?

Trimming dead ends during full moons, especially on equinoxes and solstices.

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What does the moon have to do with my hair? I’m not a witch.

Banning the brush and letting your greñas run wild.

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Or brushing your hair 100 times a day.

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Thought you said NOT to brush ?.

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Sleeping on silk like a royal queen ?.

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OK, I can get used to this ?.

Getting rid of residue, aka hair grease, with jabón zote.

Credit: @courtneycachet / Instagram

Maybe not.

Lather in mayo, olive oil, coconut oil – even onions and carrots.

Credit: hooosiers / Tumblr


No matter how absurd some of abuelita’s tips were, we listened and we tried because we adored her ?.

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Traditional Latina Beauty Trends That Have Gone Mainstream And Been Appropriated


Traditional Latina Beauty Trends That Have Gone Mainstream And Been Appropriated

If there’s anything that the debate over cultural appropriation has taught us in the past few years, it’s that oftentimes the mainstream likes to pick and choose what they deem “cool” from a culture they’ve traditionally shunned and claim ownership of it. One could argue that this phenomenon has disproportionately affected Latina beauty trends.

Sure, some of these beauty trends don’t exclusively “belong” to Latinx cultures, but others were born and raised in Latinx countries. So, without further ado, let’s run down the list of traditionally Latina beauty trends that have gone mainstream (whether we like it or not).

1. Baby Hairs

@elitefrance| Twitter|scottbarnes68|Intagram

Although there have been countless articles and think-pieces bemoaning the appropriation of baby hairs, it’s worth repeating here. It’s frustrating that something that has been so traditionally maligned by white America has suddenly shown up on every runway and editorial magazine spread. Although we’re loving this trend because it celebrates something that has been so much a part of Latinx beauty cultures for decades, we can’t help but feel annoyed as well. We guess this trend just needed a Vogue stamp of approval to know what we’ve known all along: slicked down baby hairs are fierce AF.

2. Over-lined Lips

Credit: @khloekardashian/Instagram. @jen_ny69/Instagram

We put this one squarely on the shoulders of Kylie Jenner. Latinas have been overlining their lips decades before Jenner swooped in. Believe us when we say she didn’t discover MAC’s “Spice” lipliner. We have explicit memories of our mothers applying lip liner in front of the mirror with care before a big night. Like many other Latina beauty trends, there seems to be a general consensus that bigger is better. Which brings us to…

Pitbull And John Travolta’s Bromance Started With Hair — Or The Lack Of It


Pitbull And John Travolta’s Bromance Started With Hair — Or The Lack Of It

Instagram / @johntravolta

While John Travolta’s elephant-trunk hairstyle had fans going wild in his role as Danny in the ‘70s classic “Grease,” he’s now sporting a bald look — and it’s all because of one Latinx megastar: Pitbull.

In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with guest-host Lena Waithe, the actor announced that he decided to shave his head after the 305 cubano motivated him to do it.

“Both he and my family encouraged it,” the 65-year-old actor said of the “Timber” singer.

The hairless Hollywood legend went viral in January of 2019 when he first revealed his look to the masses in an Instagram post alongside his daughter, Ella Bleu.

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I hope everyone had a great New Year!

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“Your hair was pretty famous. You had this, like, beautiful mane. And then you guys posted this picture … people kind of went a little crazy, it went viral, were you expecting that,” Waithe, 35, asked the “Hairspray” star.

Somehow, the celeb who was widely beloved for his dark brown locks throughout his career, didn’t think changing up his aesthetic would prompt a reaction.

“No! It’s just a haircut,” he said.

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Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love and miss you

A post shared by John Travolta (@johntravolta) on

“The last time I went this viral was when I mispronounced Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars,” he continued, referring to his gaffe as a presenter at the awards ceremony in 2014.

Travolta said the switch-up was “easier” than most people thought it would be because he had cut his hair before in his role in the 2010 film “‘From Paris with Love.”

“I got used to it. So it wasn’t a total shock,” the actor said.

Travolta, who was on the late night show with Ella Bleu to promote their movie together, “The Poison Rose,” said the best part of going bald was the community that came from it, particularly his new friendship with Pitbull.

“I became friends with Pitbull — you know all of us guys who do this have got to stick together,” he said.

“The Poison Rose,” a crime thriller about a heavy-drinking detective’s attempts to discover the truth behind the murder of a college quaterback, hits theaters Friday, May 24.

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