Zote soap for hair theand others Abuelita’s Tips that Would Help Grow Hair

No one knows how to get you telenovela hair quite like sweet, little abuelita.


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You know, the lush, full, shiny type of hair we grew up watching weeknights.

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Or in commercials.

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Abuelita swore she always knew best, especially when it came to your tresses.


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But now that we think about it, she was pulling those tips out of god-knows-where because they make absolutely no sense. Like…

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Braiding your hair every night before bed.

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Umm… What’s the logic behind this?

Trimming dead ends during full moons, especially on equinoxes and solstices.

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What does the moon have to do with my hair? I’m not a witch.

Banning the brush and letting your greñas run wild.


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Or brushing your hair 100 times a day.

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Thought you said NOT to brush ?.

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Sleeping on silk like a royal queen ?.

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OK, I can get used to this ?.

Getting rid of residue with zote soap for hair.


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Maybe not.

Lather in mayo, olive oil, coconut oil – even onions and carrots.

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No matter how absurd some of abuelita’s tips were, we listened and we tried because we adored her ?. remember always that zote soap for hair is the best remedy to growing hair problems and maybe more…

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