Abuelita’s Colombian Dichos Every Latino Should Live By

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Being raised by a Colombian abuelita, I grew up with sayings about everything. Every life lesson seemed to have a dicho to go along with it. And now {*trumpet flare*}, you can have ’em all in illustrated form!

“Un clavo se saca otro clavo.”

Credit: Erick Parra / mitú

Ah, the wise heartbreak quote!  This basically means that you’ll get over it, whatever “it” is, by being distracted with someone else. #ColdWorld

“Es méjor estar solo que mal acompañado.”

Dichos Colombianos 2
Credit: Sayuri Jimenez / mitú

It’s better to be alone than in bad company.  You don’t need anyone to be adding headaches (and heartache) into your life. Another great breakup quote for you to repeat to yourself while crying.

“El diablo sabe más por viejo que por diablo.”

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The older you are, the wiser you get. The most intelligent man still knows less than the old man. Also, watch out for the devil. He’s been around a while. And can probably do long division in his head.

“El que busca, encuentra.”

Dichos Colombianos 4
Credit: Sayuri Jimenez / mitú

Seek and you shall find. More specifically: If you’re looking for trouble or for the worst in people, you’re sure as hell gonna find it.

“Al que a buen árbol se arima buena sombra lo protege.”

Credit: Erick Parra / mitú

If you surround yourself with right people, you and your path will be protected. Awww! (Put another way: No, I don’t want no shrubs / a shrub is a guy who can’t get no love from me.)

“No escupa muy alto, porque en la cara le cae.”

Dichos Colombianos 6
Credit: Sayuri Jimenez / mitú

Don’t be stuck up — karma will get you back. And it’ll probably involve spit. Just sayin’.

“Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.”

Dichos Colombianos 8
Credit: Sayuri Jimenez / mitú

If you don’t stay focused on your dreams, time will pass and you’ll never accomplish anything.

“El que no arriesga un huevo, no saca un pollo.”

Dichos Colombianos 7
Credit: Sayuri Jimenez / mitú

No risk without reward, my friends. Even if someone loses a b… an egg. 😉

“Ponte las pilas.”

Credit: Erick Parra / mitú

You’ve definitely heard this one before. PUT YOUR BATTERIES IN AND GET TO IT!

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Have any other dichos you live by? Share ’em below! *And who knows, we might illustrate those for you, too.* 😉

9 Times Guys Swept Their Ladies Off Their Feet


9 Times Guys Swept Their Ladies Off Their Feet

Men, take notes. These guys are doing everything right. Like…

Sending tacos instead of nudes.

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Now that’s steamy.

Making sure she gets her way on the day of the wedding.

13227372_1595459144087855_8006490974195671090_o (1)
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Forget a Paris honeymoon, this is probably the height of their romance.

Asking her out in the best way possible.

Credit: @hispanicprobs / Twitter / wearemitu / Facebook

After eating the P, R and half the O, she remembered to say yes.

Taking care of her no matter what.


Credit: @samimarie1113/Instagram

Real men buy period paraphernalia and chocolate then watch five episodes of “Teresa” with you.

Making sure she gets some me time.

Image Source: @billthescientist/tumblr

Sometimes letting her be alone is the most romantic thing he can do.

Giving her some affection with a side dish.

Credit: pretty-n-punx / Tumblr

…Of tacos.

Spoiling her even when he’s not around.


Image Source: @spadoni22/Instagram

Okay, where do we get those socks???

Knowing how to turn her on.


Image Source: @lillipore/Instagram

Helping around the house is an aphrodisiac, after all. ?

In case you haven’t gotten the hint…

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 2.52.58 PM
Credit: wearemitu / Facebook

They say tacos before vatos, but we want both.

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Tell us a time your man crushed it! And don’t forget to share the warm fuzziness on Facebook and Twitter!

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