A Handy Translation Guide For Understanding Latino Parents

Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to understand what parents mean. Luckily, we here at Mitú Laboratories have put together an (extremely official) guide to deciphering Latino parents:

“I called you [Unreasonable Number of] times” ➡️ “I called you once.”

Credit: mitú

“It’s raining out” ➡️ “Put on a sweater, a hat and three scarves. Now.”

Credit: mitú

“Are you hungry?” ➡️ “You gon’ eat.”

Credit: mitú

*Turns radio on* ➡️ “Start cleaning.”

Credit: mitú

“¿Quieres hablar con tu tía?” ➡️  “Talk to your aunt. Now.”

Credit: mitú



“Tengo chisme.” ➡️  “I love you.”


Credit: mitú

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