9 Things Guaranteed To Piss Off Latinas (For Real)

For some reason, the internet seriously adores the idea of The Angry Latina — the girl who’ll blow your car up and cut off certain appendages if you betray her. The thing about that stereotype is that it ultimately becomes self-fulfilling. Because nothing makes a person angry quite like dismissing the legitimate reasons she’s pissed off. Here, then, are the things that will piss a Latina off. Legitimately, genuinely and deservedly.

We’ll kick things off with the obvious:

1. Assuming all Latinas are the same.

Credit: Tumblr

And by “the same,” I mean “angry all the time.”

2. Asking us to speak Spanish on command.

Credit: MTV

It’s not a party trick. And cements the idea that Latinos, and specifically Latinas, are cartoonish characters meant for the entertainment of others. So we’ll say something in Spanish if you give us a sentence in Middle English first. Only fair.

3. Calling us “mami.”

Credit: Ryan Hamrick / Dribbble

If you’re not getting a woman a gift on Mother’s Day, you can safely assume she’s not your mami. This is doubly… triply… quadruply true if you’re not Latino yourself, but think using Spanish will get a Latina’s attention.

4. Making jokes only we can make.

Credit: Netflix

Look, here’s the thing. If I want to make jokes with my friends about the times I do embody a stereotype, I can do that. It’s my identity, and I’m controlling the joke and how far it goes, presenting it to an audience that totally gets where I’m coming from. We can do it. Others can’t.

5. Using tired-ass lines.


Fool, relax.

6. Making generalizations about our looks.

Credit: Fox

If only real women have curves, then are the non-curvy ones, like, holograms?

7. Ignoring or forgetting us.

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There are so many conversations that seem to forget that we face unique challenges, and have forged specific achievements on our own. Take the discussion on pay inequality. It’s often framed in terms of what white, non-Latinas earn in comparison to white, non-Latinos. But we, as a group, earn even LESS than our non-Latina counterparts, and it’s worth addressing and remembering.

8. Using really, really bad Spanish or Spanglish.

This dude breaks it down perfectly:

Credit: YouTube / Alex Altomonte

…Especially calling us “chica” if you don’t know us.

Credit: VH1

Have you noticed how much magazines and sites love to do this? WHY?!

And, of course, the big one:

9. Downplaying and dismissing our anger.

Credit: MGM / Esquire

We’re human! We feel things! So do you, so does he, so does she. So does everyone. Different cultures may encourage different ways of expressing that anger, but it doesn’t mean we’re inherently any different than anyone else. Really!

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Did we forgot to include anything? You mad about it, boo boo? (Just kidding.) Let us know.

6 Things That Are Most Definitely Not Tacos

food and drink

6 Things That Are Most Definitely Not Tacos


OK, we officially have a problem. We, as a society, are playing real fast and loose with the definition of “taco,” and we would do well to reel that sh*t in. Pretty soon you’re going to have people in your face demanding that hot dogs be considered tacos. Enough.

Here are some things that are not tacos, officially and for the record:

These eggplant things:

Credit: Twitter / DougSaunders

These things already have a name, and it’s “salad.”

This heap of cauliflower:

Credit: YouTube / TipHero

“Hi, mom? Yes, please come pick me up. I’m so done.”

This work of evil brujeria:

Credit: Twitter / Donald Drumpf

The devil is real, and I rebuke him and his so-called “taco bowl.”

This dark-sided emoji:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 3.07.33 PM
Credit: Eater

They say this is a taco, but

Credit: God

This damn mess:

Credit: Old El Paso / Betty Crocker 

Like, look, I’ll eat them. I’ll eat all of them. You can’t even try to stop me from eating them. But they’re not tacos.

This brain-shattering madness:

Credit: YouTube / Allrecipes

I literally can’t. And what’s more, I won’t.

Thank you for your time.

Credit: Giphy

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Let’s taco ’bout some more pleasant things now. How was your day? What’s your favorite kind of taco? Can I have some?

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