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9 Desserts Anyone Who Is Puerto Rican Will Recognize From Their Childhood

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We know the scene well: walking into abuela’s house and seeing your favorite snack, all ready for you. Suddenly we’re all like…

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If you grew up in a Puerto Rican household, these 9 desserts will bring back the memories! Try and get through this entire post without drooling.

1. Florecitas

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These devilish little iced cookies are the MOST ADDICTIVE THINGS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. They’re easily purchased online or in certain grocery stores, and boy oh boy is it impossible to just eat one.

2. Flan

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Alright, this one’s a little obvious, but we’d be lying if we didn’t point out that this was always in the fridge at all times. This coconut custard cake is a staple in any Latino home, and Puerto Ricans really love it. 

3. Brazo Gitano

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Ahhhh yes, the perfect Sunday-after-church snack. After sitting through a ridiculously long mass, there’s nothing we wanted more than this delicious sweet roll. If you were a kid in a Puerto Rican household, your parents and grandparents likely enjoyed this with a delicious cup of coffee.

4. Mantecaditos

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Just looking at these cute little sprinkle-topped shortbread cookies will take you RIGHT BACK TO CHRISTMAS. They were always our go-to holiday cookie and always around growing up.

5. Tembleque

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This coconut dessert pudding has destroyed many a diet, but was always worth every bite. Cinnamon?! Coconut?! Are you describing heaven? Because it certainly sounds like it. This was a go-to for birthdays and, really, any random celebration.

6. Besitos de Coco

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Are you sensing a recurring theme? Coconut. Puerto Ricans love coconut y’all, and we aren’t afraid to admit it. These little cookies were always a favorite after-school treat. Whether homemade or store bought, #they #can #get #it.

7. Serenata Milk Chocolate Wafer

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Little chocolate wafers? Check! These would never last very long, but it didn’t matter when they were so good. Serenatas were always the best reward for making your bed. #BriberyWorks

8. Meringues

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YAS YAS YAS. Meringues are basically little clouds in your mouth. Truly! It’s like if clouds were in dessert form. You could buy them in bulk and have cloud cookies on demand. PRAISE.

9. Bocaditos Cookies

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And finally, rounding out the list of classic Puerto Rican desserts that we all remember from growing up: Bocaditos cookies. Marshmallow + cookies? YES. So. Into. These.

Be right back, going to lay in a puddle of my drool after going through this list. GET THEE TO A GROCERY STORE, STAT.

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What are some desserts you loved growing up? mitú wants to know!

The #1 City Undocumented Immigrants Should Avoid


The #1 City Undocumented Immigrants Should Avoid

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For undocumented immigrants, Atlanta is hardly the free land they hoped they’d find. Last year Atlanta courts issued removal orders in 88% of cases – that’s far higher than the 69% national average, earning them the ‘most likely to deport’ award.

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According to the Huffington Post, “Atlanta immigration judges have been accused of bullying children, badgering domestic violence victims and setting standards for relief and asylum that lawyers say are next to impossible to meet.” Operation Border Guardian detained 336 undocumented people, 127 of which were in Atlanta. Most of these detainees were unaccompanied Central American teenagers.

Those who came as children of undocumented immigrants and did get to stay still have a rough road ahead. Colleges in Georgia don’t grant in-state tuition to students who were brought to the US illegally as children, grew up in-state or now have semi-permanent permission to stay under DACA. Georgia University and Perimeter College also require such students to pay hefty out-of-state tuition (well over twice the price) because, ya know, children of undocumented immigrants are usually wealthy. The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of effected students at Perimeter college and the media has created pressure for them to change the policy.

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