6 Texts Only Ride Or Die Friends Would Send Each Other

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There’s a huge difference between your friends and your BEST FRIEND, your comadre, your #1, your bff. And that’s never clearer than when it comes to texting.

Here are some examples:

When they’re your ride-or-die, no matter what foolish thing you get yourself into:

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Let’s be honest: If you’d really been sent to prison, they’d probably be right next to you.

When they’re the only ones who know how to mend a broken heart:

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There’s nothing pizza and booze can’t heal.

When they will literally fight for you (at least in theory):

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Cacas come and go, but your best friend is forever.

When they’re even more excited about your accomplishments than you are:

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When they know exactly what you need to hear:

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Because, let’s face it. They know you best, and love you even when you’re at your worst:

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7 Songs That Will Bring out the Animal in You


7 Songs That Will Bring out the Animal in You

What is it about songs inspired by animals that make you dance your butts off? Let’s be honest, even if you’re usually tame, you become a beast on the dance floor whenever you hear one of these songs.

“El Baile del Perrito” by Wilfrido Vargas

Credit: Rodven Records

Animal featured in song: Dogs.

Can we just recognize that the Baha Men’s “Who Let the Dogs Out” ain’t got nothing on “El Baile del Perrito”? It’s actually more fun to dance to this Spanish-language jam and shout “jua, jua” than “who, who, who, who?!”

“El Gato Volador” by El Chombo

Credit: Cuentos de la Cripta/El Chombo

Animal featured in song: A flying cat.

This song doesn’t really make sense, but it’s all kinds of danceable. It talks about famous cats like Felix, Sylvester and of course, “el gato voladoooor.” Thankfully, you don’t have to get it to dance to it.

“El Venao” by Los Cantantes

El Venao
Credit: El Venao/Los Cantantes/Musart

Animal featured in song: Deer.

Well, you may not want to feel like the venao in this song. This poor guy is just tryin’ to go about his business, but all the chismosos keeps calling him “el venao, el venao.” It’s not because he resembles a deer, but because his lady le puso los cuernos.

“El Tiburón” by Proyecto Uno

Projecto Uno
Credit: In Da House/Projecto Uno/Sony

Animal featured in song: A shark.

You know how it is when you’re at the club tryin’ to pick up on ladies and a shark keeps carp-blockin’ ya.  Dayum, “se la llevo el tiburón!”

“El Caballito de Palo” by Joseph Fonseca

Credit: Blanco y Negro Latino

Animal featured in song: A horse (sorta).

OMAIGA, “se soltaron los caballos” and you know you’ve got to hoof it up with your “pacata pacata pacata pacata pacata pacata pacata pacata” en la pista. Feel free to spank yourself while you’re at it because you know you want to.

“El Baile del Gorilla” by Melody

Melody "El Baile del Gorila"

Credit: De Pata Negra/Melody/Sony

Animal featured in song: Gorillas.

This adorable “rumbera salvaje” has got the gorilla-like dance moves to make you forget your blues while you sing along to this: “Las manos hacia arriba, las manos hacia abajo y como los gorilas ¡uh,uh,uh,uh!”

“La Cumbia Del Gavilan” by Aniceto Molina

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.41.42 PM
Credit: Spectrum

Animal featured in song: A sparrowhawk.

There is always a metaphorical gavilan whose grave you would like to be dancing on and this song lets you do it joyfully.

BONUS: “Rata de dos Patas” by Paquita la del Barrio

Paquita la del Barrio
Credit: Taco Placero/Paquita la del Barrio/Musart

Animal featured in song: A rat with two feet.

Although it’s not a get-up-and-shake-your-pompis jam, it’s a great song to throw on at the end of the party when you’ve had one too many copas. When you’re exhausted from dancing, there’s nothing more fun than singing about a “rata con dos patas.”

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