6 Texts Only Ride Or Die Friends Would Send Each Other

There’s a huge difference between your friends and your BEST FRIEND, your comadre, your #1, your bff. And that’s never clearer than when it comes to texting.

Here are some examples:

When they’re your ride-or-die, no matter what foolish thing you get yourself into:

Credit: mitú

Let’s be honest: If you’d really been sent to prison, they’d probably be right next to you.

When they’re the only ones who know how to mend a broken heart:

Credit: mitú

There’s nothing pizza and booze can’t heal.

When they will literally fight for you (at least in theory):

Credit: mitú

Cacas come and go, but your best friend is forever.

When they’re even more excited about your accomplishments than you are:

Credit: mitú

When they know exactly what you need to hear:

Credit: mitú & Flickr CC / Lotus Carroll

Because, let’s face it. They know you best, and love you even when you’re at your worst:

Credit: mitú

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