5 EZ Moves to Soccer Stardom

Top 5 Easy Moves for Beginners

If you’ve just started playing soccer, you’re not becoming Messi, Ronaldo or Zlatan overnight. But no reason you can’t learn a few flashy tricks, right? SoccerMachineTV shows you five easy moves you can quickly learn and use during your next game. Who knows, you might score a game-winning goal.

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How Does Someone become a Musical Superstar without Singing? Ask Beto Sierra


How Does Someone become a Musical Superstar without Singing? Ask Beto Sierra

Beto Sierra doesn’t sing, but he’s super popular in regional Mexican music. How did he do it without a hit single or a viral music video? Señores y senoras, let us introduce you to the social media phenomenon that is Beto Sierra.

He has more than 1,000,000+ followers on social media.

Photo Credit: Beto Sierra / Facebook

He’s from Los Mochis, Sinaloa.

Sierra, who is 24 years old, attended law school in Mexico. Yep, he was closer to becoming a licenciado than a musician.

So what skyrocketed this law student into Internet stardom?

In a nutshell, Beto is the compadre we all wish we had.

Beto’s social media gives fans an inside look of the scene.

If you follow his feeds, you’ll feel like you’re hangin’ with stars on the regular.

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And it helps when you have some pretty famous compadres.

He’s made cameos in more than 25 music videos.

His friendships with regional Mexican music icons, like Gerardo Ortiz, have boosted his popularity.

So the stars give him exclusive access to content for his YouTube channel.

Even with his newfound fame, he still values the important things in life. Like family…

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Les Comparto Esta Foto De Mi Sobrina 😍❤️!!!

A post shared by Beto Sierra (@betosierraoficial) on

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And a good meal.

He keeps it real and relatable on Instagram.

So you can’t help but share posts like this:

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Auuu así nomas ALV 🙈🙈😈😘!!!

A post shared by Beto Sierra (@betosierraoficial) on

He gets up close and personal on Twitter.

But that’s okay because he’s not bad to look at.

Try to look away from those eyes…

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Bien Mamalon 😈🙈! Jaja 🙌

A post shared by Beto Sierra (@betosierraoficial) on

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What’s next for Beto?

He plans on reaching five million followers on his social media accounts. Can he do it? Don’t doubt it.