Solid Squads and Ignoring Others are Some Important Things these Latina Powerhouses Think You Should Learn

These Latina business women have shattered the glass ceiling to reach their dreams. Want to know how they did it? Read on.

Don’t Change, Don’t Conform, Just Be Better at You

Carmen Nava 

Credit: @mxmeza75 / Twitter

“So number one is competence. You have to know your stuff, and that may mean training or education, but whatever field you’re looking to go into, really be competent, because the competition is going to be competent and the people who are going to vie for the same roles that you want are going to know their stuff, so really, really be confident. And never stop learning, never stop growing.” – Carmen NavaSenior Vice President of Consumer Markets for AT&T

Get a Solid Squad

Jessica Alba

Priscilla Almodovar

Don’t Let Gender or Ethnicity become an Excuse

Susan Santiago

Linda Alvarado

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