Solid Squads and Ignoring Others are Some Important Things these Latina Powerhouses Think You Should Learn

Latina Business

These Latina business women have shattered the glass ceiling to reach their dreams. Want to know how they did it? Read on.

Don’t Change, Don’t Conform, Just Be Better at You

“Don’t try to conform or be something that you’re not. Be proud of who you are. Leverage those strengths. Work on the things you need to do better, but don’t try to change who you are.” – Gisel Ruiz, Executive Vice President, International People Division at Walmart

Carmen Nava 

Credit: @mxmeza75 / Twitter

“So number one is competence. You have to know your stuff, and that may mean training or education, but whatever field you’re looking to go into, really be competent, because the competition is going to be competent and the people who are going to vie for the same roles that you want are going to know their stuff, so really, really be confident. And never stop learning, never stop growing.” – Carmen NavaSenior Vice President of Consumer Markets for AT&T

Get a Solid Squad

Jessica Alba

“It’s something I had to learn as a woman in business…to ask for help and to not be afraid of criticism. There’s road blocks, you just have to figure it out. You have to surround yourself with really smart people.” – Jessica Alba, Founder of The Honest Co.

Priscilla Almodovar

“One thing I would tell my peers in the industry is that we need to stick up more for each other and recommend each other more.” – Priscilla AlmodovarHead of Community Development Banking at J.P. Morgan Chase

Don’t Let Gender or Ethnicity become an Excuse

Susan Santiago

“I’ve never looked at my ethnicity or my gender as an obstacle. I’ve always just worked really hard to earn what that next position is. That’s what success comes down to: working hard, being genuine, and being very honest.” – Susan Santiago, Area Vice President and General Manager of Hyatt Regency Center Plaza

Linda Alvarado

“[Mom] would tell me, ‘Linda, one day when you grow up, somebody is going to be taller, somebody might have gone to a better school, somebody may be better looking, and someday someone might remind you that you’re Hispanic and you’re a girl. Don’t find excuses. Find reasons to succeed.'”- Linda Alvarado, President and CEO of Alvarado Construction

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