16 Awkward Thoughts Latinos Have When We Don’t Know Whether To Shake Hands Or Kiss Hello

Guys, we need to talk. There’s a problem gripping Latinos across the globe, and it isn’t being discussed nearly enough:

That Awkward Moment When You Don’t Know How To Say Hello

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You’re standing there, face to face with a new person, asking yourself…

Do I Go In For A Handshake?

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Would I Seem Rude And Gringafied If I Initiate The Handshake?

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And If I Start The Handshake, Should I Be The One To End It?

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What If I Lean Forward And They Think It’s Gonna Be A Kiss?

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What If We Do That Thing Where We Shake Hands AND Kiss?

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Or What If We Become Caught Between Kisses And End Up Kissing ON THE MOUTH?

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What If…

Oh God. It’s almost too horrible to even imagine, but…

What If They Try To Hug Me?!

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(Would It Be Socially Acceptable To Cry And Run Away?)

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Like, I Can’t Very Well Ask “Hi, Are You Another Latino Who Kisses Hello?”

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Or Even “Are You The ‘One And Done’ Type Of Latino, Or The ‘Sixteen Kisses On Each Cheek’ Type?”

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Why Can’t I Just Read People’s Minds?

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What If I Go In For A High Five?

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Oh God, Oh God, What If They Do One Of Those Complicated Handshakes With Multiple Moves?

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Can’t We Just Yell Out What We’re Going To Do?

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Or Wear Name Tags Stating Our Preference?

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“Hello, my name is DO NOT HUG.”

OK. Time to just dive in and hope for the best.

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Have you ever been in this awkward position? What’s your go-to tactic: Handshake? Kiss? Run away crying?

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