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11 Foods You Had To Explain To Your White Friends


When I was a kid and I had friends over for dinner, my mom would make a big deal of it and cook a traditional meal. While the food was very delicious, I always had to come up with ways of breaking down for my friends exactly what we were eating. They came from homes where the average meal was pizza or burgers and the average snack was Pringles or Go-Gurt.

Here’s just a few foods I had to explain to my white friends when I was growing up:

Gansito Snack Cakes

The Gansito Strawberry is back #Thecraveisback #GansitoUSA #Gansitostrawberry #GansitoSweetLife

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OK, look, Gansitos might not have the same name recognition as Hostess or Keebler, but at my family reunions, these are as valuable as cigarettes in prison.

Lucas Gusano

Not since the Alamo has something from Mexico left such a bad taste in so many white people’s mouths. First of all, this isn’t exactly Baby Ruth or Skittles. In fact, many people would argue this isn’t even candy. Oh, and it has been known to contain lead. That said, I don’t know what I like more about it, the taste or the disgusted faces my friends made the first time they ever had it.


Yes, this is some of the best food you’ll ever eat. But because it was covered in spice and other foreign objects, I had a hard time convincing my friends to even take even a bite. They still didn’t trust me after the Lucas Gusano incident. Be careful introducing this to your friends: Elote is a gateway food that can only lead to harder street foods like chicharrón and esquite.


Freshly baked and smelling good #fartons #bakery #barcelonafood #barcelona

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OK. Let’s be adults here. They’re called fartons. All joking aside, these are delicious and, yes, they do smell good. No, I don’t know how to make them, and no, I’m pretty sure it’s not in a Dutch oven. Problem is, when you’re 10 years old and you offer one to your best friend, they’re not going to stop laughing long enough to try one.


Back from Vegas, commence menudo Monday.

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When it come to hangovers, menudo is probably more effective than a priest at an exorcism. Sadly, this is why I could never get my childhood friends to try the tripe soup. They were still several years away from drinking their nights away. Of course, the morning after their 21st birthdays, I always had a batch ready to go. And then they couldn’t get enough.


I learned as a kid that it was best not to tell my friends what this was. Usually, I’d just wait until they’d eaten a few bites before breaking the news to them. Most children lack a palate refined enough to enjoy the finer points of face meat. When they found out, I explained that it was still better than hot dogs, which are fabled to come from far worse regions of an animal’s body.

Obleas con Cajeta

Dulces para alegrar el alma #obleasconcajeta #mexicolindo #recuerdos

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I’m sure that several of the cavities I got as a child were from these things. My tío brought them when he came back from his trips to Mexico, where he also picked up two-dollar bottles of tequila for my parents. I thought they were delicious, but my friends weren’t adventurous enough to try out anything with goat’s milk back then. Side note: Treats like these are what make tíos better than “uncles.”


Today in @laestancia eating #Mollejas. Great memories and takes me back to #Argentina! #cheboluda #empanadafactory

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When I was younger and my friends asked me what a gizzard was, I told them it was meat from a goose that was also a wizard. (That actually worked, in case you’re wondering.) To be honest, I just looked it up, and I’m glad I didn’t know then what I know now. All that time, we were just eating the digestive mill of some dead, non-magical bird.

Beef Brains and Eggs


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Sometimes you get eggs on the brain. Other times, your friend barely makes it to the toilet in time to evacuate the contents of his stomach when he finds out he’s eating eggs and brains. And then there are times when you realize this is why Taco Bell never broadens its breakfast menu.

Corn Tortillas

#homemade #corntortillas

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Sadly, yes. Thanks to Taco Bell, most of my friends thought the only tortillas in the world were bleached, white and flour-based. Thankfully, I was there to show them the truth about tortillas. Corn tortillas not only make every meal better, but you can eat them plain or lightly seasoned for a delicious snack. I’m not a snob, but I would rather eat the stomach lining of a cow than a flour tortilla.



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My mom made this with very little sweetener, maybe just some vanilla, and so while it looked like your average cup of rich, hot chocolate, it tasted like something else entirely. My friends grew up drinking Hershey’s syrup by the gallon, so you can imagine how much they hated their first (and last) taste of hot champurrado.

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Not To Be Dramatic, Pero Like... Cubans Need To Have More Sex Or We'll Go Extinct


Not To Be Dramatic, Pero Like… Cubans Need To Have More Sex Or We’ll Go Extinct


Guys, please do not freak out, but some* projections say that Cubans could be dying out. That’s right: The most important and beautiful and cutest group of people on this planet could go the way of the majestic mastodon.


According to ForesightCuba, a project that gathers and presents information about the current state of Cuba in order to “define a vision for the future of Cuba,” demographic projections indicate that various factors, including low birth rate, may lead to the “extinction of the Cuban nation”:

If we do not introduce effective policies for young people to want to return to Cuba and start bearing children, the population of Cuba at the end of the century will be between 3.8 and 7.6 million. In addition between 42 and 60% of the population will be 60 and over.

If we get there, we will have consolidated the process of extinction of the Cuban nation. Process that started in 1959. (emphasis theirs)

Obviously, with the U.S. relaxing its trade embargo and easing travel restrictions to Cuba, this is all in a state of extreme flux. Things are changing and will continue to change for the island’s citizens in sweeping, major ways.

The report’s analysis, which openly takes a negative view of Fidel Castro’s regime, cites factors such as a pessimistic view of the future (and, thus, a disinclination to marry and have children), a lack of incentive and motivation to innovate under socialist rule, and deteriorating infrastructure as reasons that Cuba’s population is not replenishing.

The report is interesting not just because of its sort of ~*shockingly clickbaitastic*~ takeaway, but also because of its subtext: What, after all, defines the Cuban-ness at risk of going extinct?

If replenishing that population means, as the report suggests, encouraging young Cubans to “return” to the island and repopulate, wouldn’t that mean that there already exists a thriving and replenishing population of Cubans outside of Cuba? Does our Cuban-ness fade the longer we’re in the U.S.? And how can young Cubans “return” to a place many of us have never been to? And who is gonna pay me to “move back” and set up Mitú’s Havana outpost (please)?

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My fellow Qban QTs: Did this inspire to go, like. Make lots of Cuban babies and make demand for Augustín Reyes skyrocket?

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