When Vines About Latina Moms Are Way, Way Too Real

credit: Twitter / LeJuan James

No one understands Latina moms as well as people on Vine do. Trust. Place a towel or old T-shirt on your head and get ready for some yellinggggg:

She has the answer to everything.

Credit: Vine / JayExEs

And you’d BETTER do what she says.

Credit: Vine / DonPedro

She considers this a giant mess.

Credit: Vine / Jael Chea

She knows which accessories work for her.

Credit: Vine / Juanpa Zurita

Sometimes you feel like you can’t do anything ~fun~.

Credit: Vine / Melissa Mesa

Oh, and you definitely recognize the Latina mom dance™.

Credit: Vine / Maria Jose Monge


Credit: Vine / Oscar Cornejo

The reads are on another level.

Credit: Vine / colachampagnepapi

Latina moms are resourceful AF.

Credit: Vine / mgwindey

Just don’t forget: She’s the mom. You’re the kid. Punto.

Credit: Vine / LeJuan__James

Now go take a shower, coño.


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