These Christmas Pictures We Were Forced To Take As Kids Is What You Call Holiday Spirit

When it comes to the holiday season in December, some people like to go Christmas caroling, ice-skating, or skiing and others like to take very cheesy holiday pictures. Here are just a few examples that prove how over-the-top these photoshoots can get…

Capturing the perfect holiday picture takes a lot of work, patience and of course, a big cheesy smile.

That giant bow is everything.

If there’s a Christmas tree around, chances are you’ll be forced to stand by it for a picture.


Say cheeeeeeese. ?

Whether you want to take the picture or not, all you can do is awkwardly stand there and smile for the camera.


And don’t forget to wear your best outfit.

If you have siblings, you run the risk of having to wear matching holiday outfits.


Matching pigtails too! Twins from head to toe.

But sometimes fluffy matching hair bows is enough.


It’s all about that plaid, red design.

If there’s one thing you can learn from these photoshoots, it’s that accessories are everything.


I hated being forced to hug my brother for a picture.

Whether it’s a Santa hat or a Christmas tree hat, it’s these little details that up your holiday swag.


BTW that hat is made by hand with green construction paper and polyester pom poms.

But the biggest accessory of all is Santa Claus. The mall version.


Every year you see all of the señoras lined up at the mall with their kids for this picture with Santa.

Even though these photoshoots can be over-the-top and exhausting…


Because, go big or go home.

…They make the most adorable Christmas cards (and slightly embarrassing memories). ?


Happy Holidays! ?

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Alex Rodriguez Dropped Some Personal Advice On The University Of Miami Graduates


Alex Rodriguez Dropped Some Personal Advice On The University Of Miami Graduates

A-Rod had a lot of knowledge to drop on these college graduates.

Graduating from college can be the most exciting and terrifying time of your life. On one hand, you get to set off one your own and see the “real world.” On the other hand, you are probably dealing with some crippling student loan debt and have no idea what you are doing (or where you are going). Don’t worry about it. We all have to figure this stuff out sooner or later. The sooner you realize that life is full of ups, downs, failures, and successes, the sooner you will start to live life to the fullest. The graduating class of the University of Miami got a special lesson to prepare them for the future thanks the baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

“Truth is that you have something that I don’t,” Rodriguez told the graduates. “You have the experience of going to college as a young adult and a degree from a premier institution.”

After praising the graduates on making it through the university and securing their education, he let them know the one source of education that should never be overlooked: mom. The baseball legend admitted that when he felt like quitting, his mother always pushed him to keep going. Rodriguez was adamant about telling the graduates to keep going no matter what. He spoke about his own shortcomings as an athlete and the importance of learning to pick yourself up and keep going.

Congratulations to all the new college graduates. Now get out there and crush it.

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