You’ll Never Look At Chocolate The Same Once You Find Out Its Brutal History

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You probably already think chocolate is heavenly, but did you know that ancient Mesoamericans believed chocolate came directly from the Gods? A new TED-ed video details the ancient, bizarre and often times, brutal history of chocolate.

In ancient Mesoamerica, chocolate was real different. It was mixed with cornmeal and chili peppers into a bitter, frothy, liquid concoction.

The drink the Mesoamericans created with cacao beans was very different from the overpriced milkshakes you get from the ice cream truck. They thought it was some sort of elixir, capable of giving its drinker great vigor and strength.

They literally thought the cacao plant and chocolate were gifts from the Gods.

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Remember learning about the Aztec God “Quetzalcoatl” (aka Kukulkan to the Mayans) in junior high? According to Mesoamericans, you have him to thank for chocolate. And you have your history teacher to thank for getting “Quetzalcoatl” stuck in your head after studying his name for hours.

The drink was served at royal feasts and used in everything from rewarding soldiers to performing rituals.

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See that? Avocados used to only cost three cacao beans. Now with gentrification happening all over, you can’t buy anything for three cacaos anymore.

And here’s where the story starts getting f-ed up.

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Around the 1500’s, when Spain was sending ships out all over the Atlantic Ocean, they landed in Mesoamerica in Tenochtitlan, and as you would imagine, things got sticky. The king brought out fifty chocolate jugs and golden chalices and the Spaniards eyebrows went up like “Oh, hey, friend. That’s cool. I’m just going to run back home to Spain for a minute, I think I left the stove on. Heh.”

And then they came back with an army.

After bringing chocolate back to Europe, they obviously fell in love with it, and like with all goods at the time, they needed to exploit it.

credit: TED-ed/ Youtube

Once people started making chocolate fashionable, with its own silverware, they couldn’t make the stuff fast enough and thus began plantation and slavery-made chocolate.

The abuses created by the chocolate industry back then didn’t end – they just moved.

credit: TED-ed/ Youtube

As of 1990, cacao plantations have moved mostly to West Africa, where two-fifths of the world’s chocolate is made and where, as of 2015, slave labor and child labor affects some 2 million people.

Child and slave labor, just for chocolate? Ugh.

I feel you, Rosie. This is bull.

Watch the full TED-ed video below and learn about the not so sweet History of Chocolate.

credit: TED-ed/ Youtube

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Here's Why Puerto Rico's Baseball Success Is Causing Hair Stylists To Scramble

food and drink

Here’s Why Puerto Rico’s Baseball Success Is Causing Hair Stylists To Scramble

運動狂熱 HighHeatSports / YOUTUBE

Sports fans have never been shy about  showing love for their favorite team.


The Raider Nation is not to be trifled with.

As Puerto Rico’s baseball team has dominated the 2017 World Baseball Classic, fans are starting to notice much more than the team’s outstanding play.


That’s how it’s done!

Fans have noticed that almost every player on the team is sporting bleached or partly-dyed hair.

Gladys L. Saumell/YOUTUBE

This has earned the Puerto Rican baseball team the nickname “The Bleach Boys.”


And this has caused a problem for barbers and stylists in Puerto Rico. No, it’s not that barbers are running out of Kid-N-Play style haircuts to give out.


There’s always a surplus of those.

So many fans in Puerto Rico want to lighten their hair for the cause that stylists are running short on bleach and dye.


Stylist Myrna Rios, who works in Puerto Rico’s Capital of San Juan, explained the problem to the Associated Press.

Ever since they began winning, this has not stopped. We have run out of the product in most of our stores.

Fans are even lightening their beards. That’s solidarity.


Because of the product shortage, several dedicated fans have resorted to using wigs.

Gladys L. Saumell / YOUTUBE

We hope that’s a wig.

And while stylists are scrambling to meet demand, Puerto Rico’s team is excited by the hair-brained idea that’s united their fans.

運動狂熱 HighHeatSports / YOUTUBE

Infielder Carlos Correa told the Associated Press:

We have been able to unite our country with our blond hair. That’s what we want as players to unite our country, our people, and give them the best.

Be sure to check out Puerto Rico take on the U.S. in the championship game today.

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