25 Inspiring Books Written About Latinas You Should Be Reading For Women’s History Month

A good book will either pull you in and remind you of yourself or, help you to lose yourself. Latinas have been mastering the art of storytelling for decades, crafting and weaving tales of our culture and experience to help themselves and others to understand their own cultural experiences has been just one of the many talents they have been able to sharpen and hone.

In the spirit of Women’s History Month here’s a list of 9 inspiring books written by Latinas that are totally worth a read.

1.  Women Hollering Creek: And Other Stories by Sandra Cisneros

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“A collection of stories, whose characters give voice to the vibrant and varied life on both sides of the Mexican border. The women in these stories offer tales of pure discovery, filled with moments of infinite and intimate wisdom.” — From the Inside Flap

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