#HispanicsBreakTheInternet Shows Every Beautiful Side to Being Latino

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The hashtag #HispanicsBreakTheInternet made a revival this past weekend, so much so that it was trending big time on Twitter.

This is the tweet that got the ball rolling on #HispanicsBreakTheInternet.

And damn, people really mobbed Twitter with stunning selfies.

The hashtag developed into tweets about the many things that make Latinos unique, amazing, and, of course, beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful:

You know someone’s mom and dad had to make an appearance.

While some used the trending topic to post selfies or to be silly, some took it much deeper.

Twitter user @QueerXiChisme wasn’t a fan of the choice to use “Hispanics” in the hashtag.

And he reminded his followers why:

Liza Sabater, social digital activist, also made sure people were informed about the term “Hispanic.”

Now, whether you’re a fan of the term “Hispanic” or not, the reality is we Latinos, Latinx (however you choose to identify), know how to represent.

Just remember, we’re never too late to break the internet.

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Baseball Radio Broadcaster Felo Ramírez Has Passed Away And Miami Marlins Fans Feel Baseball Will Never Be The Same


Baseball Radio Broadcaster Felo Ramírez Has Passed Away And Miami Marlins Fans Feel Baseball Will Never Be The Same

Hall of Fame baseball announcer Felo Ramírez passed away on Monday. He was 94. Beginning his radio broadcasting career in Cuba in 1945, Ramírez went on to become the Spanish-language broadcaster for the Miami Marlins in 1993. As noted by the Denver Post, Felo Ramírez gained a lot of love and admiration from Latino baseball fans who listened to his broadcasts over the years.

After hearing the heartbreaking news about Felo Ramírez, the Miami Marlins organization released this statement:

“The entire Marlins organization is deeply saddened by the loss of a great friend, Hall-of-Fame broadcaster and community icon, Felo Ramirez.

Since our inaugural season, he brought home practically every magical moment in franchise history to generations of fans. A true broadcast legend, Felo lent his voice to over 30 World Series and All-Star Games and his extensive contributions to our game will never be forgotten.”

Over 30 World Series!! That’s amazing.

Players from other MLB teams also expressed their sorrow at the loss of a legend.

The news of Ramírez’s death hit hard among the people who grew up listening to him on the radio.

You can really tell how much of an icon he was in the Latino community.

Fans will never forget his charismatic personality, his distinctive voice,  and his signature phrases, such as “ESSSSTRIKE!”

Felo Ramírez created a bond amongst families like no other, and he probably didn’t even know it.

There will never be another baseball broadcaster like Felo Ramírez.

Rest in peace Felo Ramírez. May your legendary voice and uplifting vibes continue to live on.


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