If You Grew Up As A Tomboy, This Post Will Be Way Too Relatable

While your primas were having fun playing with barbies and giving each other makeovers, you were busy playing freeze-tag and basketball outside with the boys. While being a tomboy is a ton of fun, it also has a few downsides…

If you grew up as a tomboy, one thing you couldn’t stand was when your mom would dress you up with cake-topper dresses.


This was absolute torture.

Once you grew older, however, you had more freedom with your wardrobe choices including Halloween costumes.


There was no fun in Halloween without some fake blood or scary mask to put on.

Maybe you didn’t dress up like a cute little princess like other girls, but you always looked like a total badass.


Who said every girl had to be a princess to be cute?

Although it was obvious you preferred to style yourself as a tomboy, people insisted on giving you extra-feminine clothes for your birthday.


You just had to sit there, pretend that you liked the gift and politely say thank you… for every birthday.

On the bright side, if your brother had the same taste in fashion, his wardrobe also became your wardrobe.


This is why you always encouraged him to buy you that sweater.

One of the most annoying things was when your mom would tell you “Pareces niño” or when others judged for not being ladylike.


Whatever that means…

You got shit for not playing with your primas or sitting at the tía table, but you couldn’t help that you preferred hanging out with all of the boys in your family.


I mean, they’re so much fun. How could you blame anyone?

And when you discovered your sisters or primas were also tomboys, they became your partners in crime.


Instead of just playing with dolls, you spent time playing freeze-tag, basketball, WWE wrestling and Yu-Gi-Oh.

And since you’ve been rocking your t-shirts, sneakers and jeans for sooooo many years…


This has been your go-to outfit since you came out the womb.

…Once you decide to brush your hair, put on a little makeup, and throw on a simple dress just because you feel like it, people always react like this when they see you:


They make a huge deal to which you respond like ?.

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Marvel And DC Could Take Some Tips From Some Of The Responses To Gina Rodriguez's Tweet


Marvel And DC Could Take Some Tips From Some Of The Responses To Gina Rodriguez’s Tweet

@HereIsGina / Instagram / DC Comics / Green Lantern

Gina Rodriguez has made it her side mission to showcase Latino talent with her Instagram campaign, #MovementMondays, which highlights Latinos who are making a mark in the entertainment industry. However, there is one place Rodriguez wants to see more improvement: comic superhero films.

Gina Rodriguez got everyone’s attention when she tweeted about the lack of Latinos in superhero films.

Short, sweet, and to the point.

People immediately settled right in to watch the conversations that would follow.

Who doesn’t love a good tea time?

People were quick to point some examples of diversity, including Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

The Netflix show includes a diverse cast representing many different walks of life. Rodriguez’s tweet does say that “Marvel and DC are killing it in inclusion,” but what other Latino representation is there?

Zoe Saldana as Gamora (“Guardians of the Galaxy”) and Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie (“Thor: Ragnarok”) also came up in the conversation.

Honestly, Thompson being cast as Valkyrie is a pretty big deal. Valkyrie has traditionally been depicted as a white, blonde-haired woman in the comics.

But some people pointed out that Gamora isn’t Latina — she’s a green aalien who doesn’t represent the Latino community.

Meanwhile, there are a handful of Latino-specific superheroes that have yet to get their own movies, like America Chavez and Miles Morales.

Although those characters don’t have the years of history that other superheroes do, now could be a great time for those movies to be made. Just look at the latest reports comparing “Girls Trip” to “Rough Night.” The two movies have similar plots, but “Girls Trip,” which has a mostly black cast, outperformed “Rough Night” on their opening weekends by more than $20 million. Clearly, movies with people of color can make money.

One person suggested that Rodriguez would make a great Jessica Cruz, a Latina Green Lantern.


Twitter user @iloanya1 reminded everyone that, yes, Latinos are people of color, too.

? ?

Even one of the stars from Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” agreed that there is always room for improvement.

Natalia Cordova-Bucley plays Elena ‘Yo-Yo’ Rodriguez on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” who is a Colombian superhero with superhuman speed in the show. Her nickname Yo-Yo comes from her ability to move super fast and return to where she started in a heartbeat. ✊? ?? ??

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