This Is What Happens When You Try To Greet A Non-Latino And Things Get Awkward

When you walk into a room of Latinos, you know you’re in for a lot of hugging and kissing. But walking into a room of non-Latinos brings up an anxiety like no other…

Growing up in a Latino family meant I knew what a “proper” greeting was…

It wasn’t extra. For us, it’s totally normal.

A kiss, a hug, and… maybe another kiss.


Repeat and repeat.

And god forbid I ever forgot to say bye to someone.

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This is the cardinal Latinx sin.

After all those years of training, I thought I had it all down…

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That’s what mami said!

Until I started meeting a lot of non-Latinxs who weren’t used to all that affection.

Existential crisis begins.

When I met my first gringa roommate, she waved hello and quickly looked away…

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Hmmm, OK.

I was left hanging even trying to attempt a handshake.

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Nothing to see here, y’all.

When I moved away, my new friends and coworkers included many non-Latinxs who often only offered a nod hello.

I get it. We’re not all used to all this smothering.

In this struggle, I did learn a new technique popular amongst non-Latinxs: The Irish Goodbye.


People actually left a party without saying goodbye to every person in the room!? HOW?

So I applied this every time I had to say goodbye, you know to avoid awkwardness, but my family was NOT having it.

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They have a radar for this sort of thing.

After a few years of dancing around awkward hugs, handshakes, kisses and goodbyes, I decided to embrace it.

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Many of us Latinos have become experts at reading what’s comfortable for every person.

I became the person that always announced, “I’m coming in for a hug!”

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Come here, just bring it in.

That doesn’t always make it less awkward.

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I know hugs and kisses can be a very foreign idea to some.

…But it was a positive if you wanted to say hello to a new cutie in the room.

What can I say? I can’t help it! It’s just good manners!

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What is the weirdest or most awkward greeting you’ve ever had with a non-Latino? Let us know!

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If You Share Your Birthday With A Holiday, You Know These Struggles Too Well


If You Share Your Birthday With A Holiday, You Know These Struggles Too Well

As much as everyone looks forward to the holidays because it’s all about food, family and fun, it’s not all that great if your birthday happens to fall within the season. This is why.

If your birthday falls between late November and December, chances are you’ll be forgotten  because everyone is focused on the holidays.

Jingle Bell Rock GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
CREDIT: Mean Girls/Broadway Vide/GIPHY

No one will be singing “Las Mañanitas” for you, but everyone will damn sure be singing “Jingle Bell Rock.” ?

It’s also almost impossible to make b-day plans with your friends because most of them are busy with their families.


This is a problem one of my best friends has, so she always has to make her birthday plans the weekend before or after Thanksgiving.

And if your birthday falls on Thanksgiving, you never get an actual birthday cake.


As a way to kill two birds with one stone, your birthday cake is *always* a pie. Most likely, pumpkin pie.

Or you get pan de rosca.


Pobrecita. lol

In addition to not getting a birthday cake, you also don’t get full attention from everyone.


Chances of being the center of attention are slim since the holidays are about everyone in the family.

If your birthday falls on Christmas, you usually only get one gift instead of two.


“This is your birthday AND Christmas gift.” This makes you jealous of the people that are born literally any other time of year.

Even if you do get a separate b-day gift, it’s probably not going to be a deluxe gift since people are broke from buying Christmas presents for everyone else.


*pretending to be happy I got socks for my b-day for the third year in a row*

Presents are even worse, or nonexistent, if your birthday falls on New Years since everyone’s wallets are empty after all that Christmas shopping.


You’ll be lucky if you get a gift at all.

But on the plus side, having your birthday on the same day as a holiday means getting to have a mini-vacation for yourself.

Yessssss ??

And since it’s the holidays, you can pretend that everyone in the world is celebrating your existence.


Now that’s the *real* holiday.

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Comment and hit the share button below if you feel the pain of sharing your birthday with a holiday!