These 25 Quince Dresses Are Over The Top Yet So Perfect For The Perfect Day

Quinceañeras are a very traditional celebration in the Latino community. It signifies the moment a young girl becomes a woman at 15. However, Latino parents never think you are an adult, even if you are 45 and married with children. Like most celebrations, a lot of embarrassing mementos exist, like the video above. Not only are the decorations over the top, so are some the quince dresses that have graced the planet. Check out the 25 most over-the-top dresses below.

Quinces are a time to celebrate a young woman’s transition from a child to a woman. As such, the most important part of this celebration is the dress for the quinceañera. Some of them tend to be a little much but even those can be so perfect at the right time.Whether it is the over-the-top choice in color or accessories, there you can always spot the quince dress because of it’s “pay attention to me” aura. Here are 25 quince dresses that have that kind of style.

1. Mighty Flowers

CREDIT: maxproelegancephotography / Instagram

Flowers are an important part of any celebration. That being said, the size of these flowers seems a bit excessive. There isn’t anything wrong with owning your own style but this is way out there.

2. Ballerina

CREDIT: photography_by_lola / Instagram

Some quinces like to let people know what they love and what they are known for. Sometimes that translates into a very unexpected quince kind of dress. Whether you’re a ballerina or gamer, we have seem quinceañeras take themes a bit too far.

3. A Tale As Old As Time

CREDIT: patriciacarrozziniphoto / Instagram

Thanks to Disney, every golden colored gown immediately becomes a “Beauty and the Beast” gown. Seriously. Even if you don’t think about having a quince based on this children’s tale, if you find a gold one, it will cross your mind.

4. Tulle On Tulle On Tulle

CREDIT: quinceanera_oficial / Instagram

Less is more is more than just a phrase. It is a way of life. Yet, too many times, quinceañeras come through with enough tulle make a separate dress. What does one need all that tulle for?

5. Overly Regal And Matronly

CREDIT: christasdresshop / Instagram

We all know that they quinceañera celebration is about a young woman becoming a woman. However, you aren’t becoming a mother. Keep things fun, playful, and not so matronly.

6. Quince At 6, Fútbol Game At 6:30 p.m.

CREDIT: Part-Time-Terrorist / Reddit

There is no wrong way to spend your quince and for some people that includes a little soccer. This quinceañera really took her love of soccer to a new level with this team-inspired dress.

7. Just A Fan

CREDIT: Part-Time-Terrorist / Reddit

You don’t have to actually go to the game to make a soccer-inspired dress for your quince. Really. Sometimes just making your accessory the symbol of the soccer team will get the story across.

8. Making Your Own Soccer Squad

CREDIT: @0ss0m / Twitter

If the quinceañera is that obsessed with a sports team, chances are the rest of her family is too. Since it is already a family affair, might as well make it a full family affair.

9. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

CREDIT: islasproductions / Instagram

Rihanna is kind of the only person that can do this and get away with it. There is nothing wrong with bringing attention to yourself on the day of your quince, that’s what it is all about. Yet, this kind of bright fabric seems to be a bit much.

10. Paper Flowers

CREDIT: quince.anera_dress / Instagram

You can already hear them scrapping along the ground as she walks across the floor. Why does this look like something your mom would have added to make it unique before your reveal?

11. The Bigger The Dress, The Bigger The Secrets

CREDIT: _aleskat / Instagram

Not all dresses are created equally. This dress is the perfect example of that. The last time anyone saw a dress this big was during the Renaissance. But the embroidery is pretty cool.

12. When The Men Outdo It

CREDIT: heavyreighnphotography / Instagram

It isn’t always the quinceañera that is over the top with their outfits. Sometimes the men are the ones that come together to show the quince how it is done.

13. Train For Days

CREDIT: tusquincemx / Instagram

Every woman should experience the joy of having a train. Tbh, the best part is having someone pick up the train for you. It really makes you feel like a queen. These dresses are not the only things that are over the top for quinces. Check out these out of this world cakes.

14. Ethereal Goddess

CREDIT: samariamartin / Instagram

Light, airy, peaceful. There is something so beautiful and so extra about this quince outfit. There is not a whole lot going on but the vibe is phenomenal.

15. Soccer Fan

CREDIT: @duckmen30 / Twitter

Did we already cover these kinds of dresses? Doesn’t matter because they are so extra that you should be exposed to them more than once.

16. Like A Queen

CREDIT: jassformal / Instagram

Nothing wrong with letting your peasants know their place. There is something so fancy and regal about wearing your sleeves.

17.  Lawn Trimmings On Fleek

CREDIT: quince_inspo / Instagram

Again with the flowers. Low key, this dress looks like someone was standing around while they were cutting the grass and got the trimmings all over their dress. It is kind of natural chic.

18. Tapping Into More Disney Vibes

CREDIT: ricardoescalera / Instagram

Of course “Beauty and the Beast” is an easy one to do, but how about Jasmine from “Aladdin?” Yeah. This one takes the cake when it comes to over the top themes and dresses because, well, just look at it.

19. Midriff

CREDIT: bidibidibombomstl / Instagram

People are obsessed with trends and the midriff one for a quince gown is quickly catching on. Now, there is nothing wrong with loving your body and if mom and dad approve, then so be it.

20. Animal Print

CREDIT: / Instagram

Animal print is so 1990s. Favorite animals are often referenced in these kinds of celebrations but maybe they should just be in picture around the room instead of on the dress.

21. Referees On The Field

CREDIT: @ElmoNeado / Twitter

See. Everyone’s family can get a little out of hand when it comes to a major celebration. Clearly this family is making sure that everything is up to par for the big day.

22. Mariachi Love

CREDIT: _aleskat / Instagram

Over-the-top does not have to be a bad thing. On the contrary, sometimes over the top is beautiful and something to be celebrated. This dress paying homage to mariachis is something to behold.

23. Tiered Like A Cake

CREDIT: anaysboutique / Instagram

The cake isn’t the only focal point at the party with layers. The dress is a perfect time to incorporate some layers to make an entrance a grand entrance.

24. Gold Trimming

CREDIT: royhernandez / Instagram

If you can’t walk around with literal gold, this dress will make for a nice touch. This dress takes the whole future-so-bright narrative to a whole new extreme.

25. Embroidered With Love

CREDIT: quinceanera_oficial / Instagram

If the fact that the dress is covered in colorful flowers isn’t enough, they are also in so many different colors. This makes for one attention-grabbing dress.

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