These 25 Graduation Caps Will Make You Proud To Be A Latino

credit: popaletteart / Instagram

There are so many ways you can wear your Latino and cultural pride on your sleeve, but what about on your head? Well, if you are getting ready to graduate this semester, you might want to start working on that. Now that you are finally on the way out, you definitely want to leave an impression. Decorating your graduation cap is one of the best ways to really stand out. Here are 25 Latino-inspired graduation caps decorations to motivate you to add some flair to your ceremony.

1. Show of how diverse you and your community is.

CREDIT: ailaa_shaii / Instagram

This is a perfect way to remind all the non-Latinos at the ceremony that Latinos come in all shades, colors, sizes, and from more than 20 countries. Might as well leave people with more knowledge since you are celebrating being educated.

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