18 Latino Queeros To Follow On Twitter Right Now

Being queer in today’s America is challenging, but being queer and Latinx is a whole can of rainbow gummy worms. We all grew up watching our mother’s judge every passing person for their weight, clothes, and overall presentation. Add deep-seeded machismo and we have an uphill battle.

These Queeros* are creating space for joy and celebration of LGBTQ+ Latinos in the mainstream.

*Thank you, Cameron Esposito, for the Queer+Hero=Queero mashup. Let’s make “Queero” happen.

1. Carmen Carrera

CREDIT: @carmen_carrera / Twitter

We first met Carrera in Season 3 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” She since has come out as trans and has gone up against RuPaul himself for trans insensitivity. Carrera has become a leading voice for trans rights and is now a major super model. The fact that her body is taking up space in magazines, runways, and, who knows, maybe your Twitter feed, is proof that there’s hope for total trans inclusivity in our lifetime.

Follow @carmen_carrera for more hope.

2. Laith Ashley De La Cruz

CREDIT: @laith_ashley / Twitter

Okkkk, Laith, we’re all screaming “no jacket.” Clearly, de la Cruz is a model and started his career at the beginning of his transition. He didn’t come to terms with his gender expression until later in life, but with the support of his family, he is truly living his best life.

Follow @laith_ashley for more abs.

3. Michelle Rodriguez

CREDIT: @MRodOfficial / Twitter

You know Rodriguez from The Fast and the Furious franchises, Resident Evil, and Avatar. You might also know her as the Queen who has dated both Vin Diesel and model Cara Delevingne. She only recently came out as bisexual, and has been breathtakingly open about her sexuality since then.

Follow @MRodOfficial for #BiVisibility.

4. Manny MUA

CREDIT: @MannyMua733 / Twitter

Manuel “Manny MUA” Gutierrez is Maybelline’s first male makeup model. I mean, for obvious reasons, am I right? Manny’s empire is built on his social media presence.

Follow @MannyMua733 for all the best makeup tutorials.

He even had a special video with his father about growth and acceptance.

CREDIT: @MannyMua733 / Twitter

Gutierrez recently posted an emotional video talking with his dad about his initial resistance to Gutierrez’s identity. Things took a turn when Gutierrez started to get cyber bullied and his dad shut them down.

5. Perez Hilton

CREDIT: @theperezhilton / Twitter

We know Perez Hilton for his chisme-gone-major-media-company ventures (read: he had a famous celebrity blogger site that is now the major source of U.S. celebrity culture tea spillage). This weekend, he posted what many of us see as goals: a homophobic Latino parent on the other side of the irrational fear.

Follow @theperezhilton for chisme and tears.

6. Sara Ramirez

CREDIT: @sararamirez / Twitter

Ramirez break out role as Grey’s Anatomy‘s Callie Torres was huge to begin with–a Latina on TV who isn’t a maid or criminal, but a bad-ass orthopedic surgeon? Yaasss. When her character started to realize she was bisexual, actual IRL Sara Ramirez did, too. She’s since become a major advocate for LGBTQ+ issues in all her affairs.

Follow @sararamirez for baewatching.

7. Shane Ortega

CREDIT: @OnlyShaneOrtega / Twitter

Ortega is the United States’ first trans person to openly serve in the U.S. Army. After years of keeping it a secret, he realized how important it was for the country he serves to just acknowledge him. Since then, he’s been living his authentic life and speaking out.

Follow @OnlyShaneOrtega to find out how to help trans people in the military.

8. Roy “Bianca Del Rio” Haylock

CREDIT: @TheBiancaDelRio / Twitter

Bianca Del Rio, on the left, went from a displaced Hurricane Katrina victim, to a New York costumer, to the winner of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 6. His career has skyrocketed and his raunchiness has not died down.

Follow @TheBiancaDelRio for the sass you need in life.

9. Salice Rose

CREDIT: @salice_roseee / Twitter

Salice is a YouTube and social media personality whose comedy career hasn’t been slowed down in the slightest by her sexuality. She came out years ago with a simple message: love yourself. She brings her whole spiritual, lesbian, funny self to the world, and we’re here for it.

Follow @salice_roseee for all the jajas.

10. Stephanie Beatriz

CREDIT: @iamstephbeatz / Twitter

We were all  w a i t i n g  for the Brooklyn Nine-Ninactress to come out and after she did, her character did, too. We need Beatriz on screen for a whole lot of reasons, but the fact that she’s able to influence the writers and tell them what is and isn’t an accurate representation of a bisexual Latina is everything.

Follow @iamstephbeatz for all these reasons and because she apparently also loves Netflix’s Queer Eye.

11. Guillermo Diaz

CREDIT: @guillermodiazyo / Twitter

Diaz doesn’t have a coming out story because he’s always brushed off the question in interviews as something that people get too hot and bothered over. Yes, he’s gay, but it’s not his full identity, and I low-key love that he’s creating a standard where your sex life doesn’t make headlines, hetero or homo.

Follow @guillermodiazyo to see all the issues he’s always speaking up for.

12. Johnny Sibilly

CREDIT: @johnnysibilly / Twitter

Can you tell Sibilly is famous for poking fun of gay culture? His Twitter-sphere has all the jokes that we, as gays, can make, about ourselves. This Cubano also has an acting career, so support him on all fronts, please.

Follow @johnnysibilly for a safe space for you to laugh at yourself.

13. Bella Thorne

CREDIT: @bellathorne / Twitter

Bella is an unapologetic bisexual. The Cuban-American actor came out a couple years ago when a fan tweeted at her asking if she was bisexual. Her response? “Yes.”

Follow @bellathorne because she actually responds to her fans.

14. Aubrey Plaza

CREDIT: @evilhag / Twitter

We know Plaza as the “lively and colorful” Puerto Rican April Ludgate from Parks and Rec. In 2016, she came out as bisexual and has since been speaking up and out for LGBT rights, along with many other issues.

Follow @evilhag because her handle is literally “evil hag.”

15. Patricia Velasquez

CREDIT: @TheUntitledMag / Twitter

Velasquez has been a supermodel since the 1990’s, and until the release of her memoir, “Straight Walk” in 2015, she has been closeted. While she hid her sexuality to succeed in an industry that would end her career if she came out, her daughter is who prompted her to live her authentic life.

Follow @wayuuprincess to see the indigenous model live her best life.

16. Ricky Martin

CREDIT: @ricky_martin / Twitter

When Ricky Martin came out, it was like the first time Puerto Ricans around the world acknowledged the gay. TBH, if my mom didn’t have to go through the process and continuing to love and accept Ricky, she’d still be struggin’ to accept me.

Follow @Ricky_Martin to see his happy life with hubbie and kids.

17. Natalie Morales

CREDIT: @nataliemorales / Twitter

Morales came out as queer by tweeting out a personal essay she wrote about her journey of self-discovery. In the personal essay Morales wrote, “What queer means to me is just simply that I’m not straight. That’s all.” She now plays a lusty, queer sheriff on Santa Clarita Diet, and it’s gold.

Follow @nataliemorales to see what else she’s getting up to.

18. AB Soto

CREDIT: @absotomusic / Twitter

Mexican-American Soto has never apologized for who he is. He actually rose to fame in the gay music scene, and is most well known for “Cha Cha Bitch.” Watch the music video and try not to dance to his pink sequined charro moves.

Follow @absotomusic to see a very gay, very Latino, very awesome life. #goals

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