21 Things Latinos From Catholic Families Know To Be True

Whether you currently practice Catholicism or not, you know the belief in Papá Dios is woven into your family’s traditions, habits and everyday locura. For example…

1.There was no arguing when abuela summoned you to mass.

As abuela puts it, “Si tienes tiempo para comer mierda con tus amigitos, tienes tiempo para misa!” Of course, you might already be at mass because abuelita forced you to “volunteer” as an altar server, usher or choir member.

2. Lose something? Have a test coming up? Feel bored? Light a vela.

And then chill. San Antonio’s gotchu.

3. Actually, candle-lighting in general is the vaporu of Catholicism…

When in doubt, light one for La Virgen de [insert your country’s virgin here].

4. Growing up, some movies were just off limits.

Credit: Hocus Pocus / Disney / / Giphy
Credit: Buena Vista Pictures

“Hocus Pocus”? Apparently it’s written by, directed by and starring: ~*~ El Diablo ~*~

5. And music genres like Reggaeton and Rap were off limits as well.

No Daddy Yankee at my house!

6. You had to learn prayers in both English and Spanish.

7. You earned extra points from your fam if your boo was Catholic, too.

Now you can focus on what he/she should really be judged on: appetite.

8. You knew better than to tell your fam “Happy Holidays.”

Forget political correctness; it’s “Feliz Navidad,” ? “Felices Pascuas,” ? or a sopapo. ? Your choice.

9. The “que comistes?” phone calls from home got a little bit more stressful on Fridays during Lent…

You tried. That totally counts.

10. Your first communion was kiiind of a big deal.

Credit: Oceanup

Also, please take a moment and look at mini Selena Gomez’s Communion pic. Precious.

11. And if you had an older sister you totally used the same dress


Yes, the exact same dress… Your little cousin probably wore it too.

12. While other kids were excited for Christmas Day, you were all about Nochebuena.

Credit: Memecrunch, via Remezcla

Especially if it meant having lechón.

13. Best thing of all was receiving presents til January. Thanks, Reyes Magos!

Fill up those Nikes, wise guy.

14. Praying el rosario is a group affair, especially for viejitas.

Sometimes these group prayers feel like a race too.

15. And the struggle of getting a rosario for your abuelita every time you travel is real.

Abuelitas really do love a nice Rosario. You better come right, or don’t come at all!

16. Thanksgiving Weekend What? More like Semana Santa.

That’s right! A whole week just for praying (yeah right!).

17. You know every single word of “El Padre Nuestro.”

“Padre nuestro que estás en el cielo, santificado sea tu nombre…”Because your mom would give you a dirty look if you didn’t know it by heart!

18. And even if you eventually found your own spiritual identity…

You know your family’s religious culture helped shape who you are.

19. You will never forget: Jesús está en todas partes.


20. And the pictures of your first communion will forever be everywhere in your parents’ house.


21. And last but not least, you could never hear enough of the phrase: “Que Dios Te Bendiga.”


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What experiences did/do you have of being in a Catholic and Latino family? Mitú wants to know! Leave a comment below.

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25 Inspiring Afro-Latinos To Celebrate For Black History Month


25 Inspiring Afro-Latinos To Celebrate For Black History Month

Get excited gente! It’s Black History Month, which means it’s a huge month for us! As Latinos whose roots are extensive and varied, there’s no doubting that we have a long history of African heritage within our culture. For those of us living in and outside of the United States it’s so key to make sure that we encourage our families and friends to take part in the celebrations because Black History Month isn’t just a celebration for African-Americans. It’s for all African descendants!

Here are some of the most popular Afro-Latinos to help you get pumped about February.

1. Tessa Thompson

CREDIT: Credit: @tessamaethompson / Instagram

Since being invited to the Academy of Motion Pictures, the world has finally learned that Tessa Thompson is Afro-Panamanian. You might remember her from “Dear White People” and “Creed,” but this Latina has so much more in store.

2. Bruno Mars

CREDIT: Credit: @brunomars / Instagram

Puerto Rican-Filipino-Hawaiian singer Peter Hernández, a.k.a. Bruno Mars, rocked our worlds when he first released “Just The Way You Are” in 2010. (And you just started singing it in your head, didn’t you?) In fact, this year, “Just The Way You Are” was certified nine-times platinum, meaning he’s another Latino owning the music industry.

3. Miguel

CREDIT: Credit: @miguel / Instagram

If this Afro-Mexican singer isn’t adorning you with his beautiful smile and sultry voice, he’s using that same voice to call for social justice. Miguel’s latest song “How Many” is a plea for justice and acknowledgment of deaths of African-Americans at the hands of police.

4. Gina Rodriguez

CREDIT: Credit: @hereisgina / Instagram

That’s right. You might not have know this, but Gina Rodriguez is Afro-Puerto Rican. The TV comedy sensation revealed her Afro-Latina roots in an Instagram post tied to her #MovementMondays. Her father is Afro-Latino.

5. Kid Cudi

CREDIT: Credit: @kidcudi/ Instagram

Kid Cudi came out of NOWHERE with his hit song “Day ‘N Night,” and the whole world took notice. Since, the Afro-Mexican singer has been dropping hit after hit and recently teased us all with a future collaboration with Pharrell.

6. Dascha Polanco

CREDIT: Credit: @sheisdash / Instagram

The Dominicana made waves as Daya on on the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” when it first premiered in 2013. Her most recent role takes place as a detective on “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.”

7. Christina Milian

CREDIT: Credit: @christinamilian / Instagram

Christina Milian hit the scene in “American Pie” and had us all dancing to “Dip It Low.” Though she recently caught herself in some controversy over an #AllLivesMatter tweet, this Afro-Cuban beauty will be on your TV screen this year in a made-for-TV version of “Rocky Picture Horror Show.”

8. Maxwell

CREDIT: @maxwell / Instagram

The Afro-Puerto Rican is currently touring and giving men and women everything with his incredible talent. In a recent interview, the soulful singer spoke about not feeling black enough to be in the company of some of the greatest should singers of the time.

9. Mariah Carey

CREDIT: Credit: @mariahcarey / Instagram

Fans of Mimi have loved and appreciated the songstresses vocalization of discovering her heritage at an older age. Her father is of African American and Afro-Venezuelan descent and her mother is Irish.

10. Lauren Vélez

CREDIT: Credit: @lalunavelez / Insagaram

The Puerto Rican from New York City nabbed her first role  as a performer in Dreamgirls, but it wasn’t until years later when she earned impressive roles on “Dexter” and “Ugly Betty” that Vélez began to gain international attention. These days she’s very open about the importance of Afro-Latino inclusion on screen. 

11. Carmelo Anthony

CREDIT: Credit: @carmeloanthony / Instagram

When this Afro-Puerto Rican isn’t dominating on the basketball court, he’s offering his voice and fame to social good.

12. Tatyana Ali

CREDIT: Credit: @tatyanaali / instagram

Tatyana Ali won all of our hearts as Ashley Banks on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” The Afro-Panamanian actor has a few projects that will be released soon, but for now she seems totally content being a mommy-to-be.

13. Laz Alonso

CREDIT: Credit: @lazofficial / instagram

The Afro-Cuban “Fast & Furious” actor has been vocal about his Cuban and Black pride. His passions for speaking up about being a Latino raised in an American society has always given fans insight into the way the actors views his life.

14. Selenis Leyva

CREDIT: Credit:@selenisleyvaofficial / Instagram

She might be Gloria Mendoza on OITNB, but in the real world, Selenis Leyva is out to help everyone she can. The Afro-Cuban/Dominican actor spends her time off the set donating her energy and fame to the causes that matter to her most, like LGBTQ rights and fighting cancer.

15. Judy Reyes

CREDIT: Credit: @itisjudyreyes1 / Instagram

The Dominican from The Bronx New York began her career on “Law & Order.” Over the years her roles on television have expanded and these days she filling lead parts on “Devious Maids and “Claws.” 

16. Kelis

CREDIT: Credit: @kelis / Instagram

It has been a long time since we’ve heard “Milkshake” bless our radios, but Kelis isn’t done with her adventure yet. These days the Afro-Puerto Rican trained at Le Cordon Bleu and is showing off in London of all places.

17. Zoe Saldana

CREDIT: Credit: @zoesaldana / Instagram

Dominican-Puerto Rican actor Zoe Saldana is probably best known for her role in “Avatar,” when in fact she is really THE Afro-Latino representation in the sci-fi world.

18. Gina Torres

CREDIT: Credit: @ginatorresfanpage1 / Instagram

She might not top this list, but there’s no doubting the actress from Cuba tops the hears of Latinos the world over. Her role in beloved shows like “Xena: Warrior Princess” and “Firefly” have gained her a cult following.

19. Soledad O’Brien

CREDIT: @k_lotto / Instagram

The Afro-Cuban broadcast journliast and executive producer has talked extensively about her experience of being an AFro-Latina in the U.S. She is a graduate from Harvard University and the daughter of a woman from

20. Rosario Dawson

CREDIT: @rosariodawson / Instagram

Dawson has been killing the acting game for a long time. Now, this Afro-Cuban/Puerto Rican has become the voice many young Latinos have turned to this political season. Not only has the actor been out campaigning for her fave politician Bernie Sanders, she has even been arrested exercising her right to protest in a peaceful sit-in.

21. Rosie Perez

CREDIT: Credit: @rosieperezbrooklyn / Instagram

The Brooklyn-native was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Fearless” back in 1994.  These days she’s heading up a talk show as a host on “The View” and makes regular appearances on TV. 

22. Sophina DeJesus

CREDIT: @sophinathediva /Instagram

The American gymnast of Puerto Rican descent made waves a few years ago when she did an impeccable dance floor routine. She landed an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show and killed yet another performance.

23. Celia Cruz

CREDIT: Credit: @celia_cruz / Instagram

La reina de tumbao might have come from the tiny island of Cuba but her musical reach became international. Her powerful voice made her an international star and Latina icon all this, despite the many struggles she faced as an Afro-Latina as well. 

24. María Isabel Urrutia

CREDIT: Credit: @magojuanalvarez / Instagram

The former weightlifter, athlete and political from Colombia held a seat in Chamber of Representatives of Colombia twice. She’s had an impeccable athletic career as well. In 1988 she held her own as a shot put and discus thrower.

25. Sylvia del Villard

CREDIT: Credit:@nuestra_patriapr / Instagram

The Afro-Puerto-Rican activist, actress, and dancer gained popularity for her acting career. Still, it was her role as the first and only director of the office of Afro-Puerto Rican affairs for the Puerto Rican Institute of Culture was the most impactful by far.