11 Things That Came As A Culture Shock To This Miami Girl When I Moved To L.A.

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Going from one sunny spot on the east coast to another sunny city on the west coast can’t be that much of a culture shock, can it? While Miami and Los Angeles are both amazing cities that do have a lot of things in common, here are some things I, as a born and bred Miamian, noticed when I moved here from the 305. 

1. Yes, traffic is as bad as everyone tells you it is.

Latinos are already notorious for being late. Adding in the 45 minutes it takes to cross 7 miles on the 405 doesn’t help your case.

2. BUT, L.A. drivers actually pay attention to basic road rules and signs.

Modern Family / ABC via dumbass-ectomy / Tumblr
CREDIT: Modern Family / ABC via dumbass-ectomy / Tumblr

Shocking, right? People in L.A. actually use their blinker and will let you through! In Miami, your signal tells other drivers to speed up and NOT let you in.

3. A proper cafecito cubano is an enigma.

Alright, I know I haven’t been here long enough, but I’m going to need something stronger than a $6 Ethiopian pour-over. SHOW ME THE WAY!

4. It’s sunny like Florida, but the shade can get a little fresquito.

All I Have / Def Jam via Keinskeller / Tumblr
CREDIT: All I Have / Def Jam via Keinskeller / Tumblr

While it doesn’t snow, it does get chilly when you’re not in direct sunlight – something Miamians aren’t used to. Abuelita’s advice to always have a sueter on hand will finally make sense.

5. Don’t expect to swim in the beach.

Both coasts have beautiful beaches, but while Miami’s beaches are as warm as a hot bath, SoCal beaches…are very cold. Sorry, I’ve been spoiled by the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Flake level is pretty much the same.

Credit: son of zorn/FOX
CREDIT: credit: son of zorn/fox

“We should hang out sometime!” generally means “I will probably never speak to you again” in both cities. Ugh.

7. You will never get tired of the mountains, hills, and landscapes in L.A.

credit: d7ux/tumblr/sound of music
CREDIT: d7ux/tumblr/sound of music/Fox

…especially when the biggest mountain in SoFla is a garbage dump next to the Turnpike 🙁

8. The dry air and low humidity means your peinado will last longer than a day.


*emoji prayer hands* I am finally out of the swamp!

9. “It’s so beautiful today!” is a phrase that’ll get old quick.

La Bicicleta / Sony via reservoir-of-blood / tumblr
CREDIT: La Bicicleta / Sony via reservoir-of-blood / tumblr

It’s sunny and clear – a lot. So get used to it.

10. You’ll be feeling yourself when you expertly drive the L.A. streets when it actually does rain.

Those afternoon Florida storms have been training you for this moment all of your life.

11. Your social media handles are *very* important.

jane the virgin/CW
CREDIT: jane the virgin/CW

Since I’ve been here, I’ve had tons of people ask me for my Instagram or Twitter name rather than my phone number, and I’ve never felt so incompetent with my follower numbers. (Follow me @danieluh, thanks.)

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Did you move to L.A. from Miami or another city? What are some things that you love? Or things that you have to get used to? Let us know below!

Eva Longoria Traced Her Roots And Discovered Her Ancestors Were Killed By The Texas Rangers In A Land Dispute


Eva Longoria Traced Her Roots And Discovered Her Ancestors Were Killed By The Texas Rangers In A Land Dispute

@evalongoria / Instagram

Eva Longoria recently took a trip to Spain to track down the origin of her roots.

“Got to finally discover my roots,” Longoria wrote on her Instagram post. “I have been wanting to visit the small village where my ancestors came from and where my last name was born for years!! And today I got to meet all the amazing people in this small town who were beaming with pride!”

Longoria has been diligent about documenting her journey of familial discovery on Snapchat and Instagram giving her fans a front row seat to her trip. Longoria has long been trying to get to the bottom of her ancestral roots even taking part of the PBS special “Faces Of America” in 2010. It was during the PBS special that Longoria had her DNA tested and discovered parts of her history that even she hadn’t heard about.

During her sit down with PBS, Longoria learned the fate of two distant relatives in Texas.

First, she learned about the fate of her great-great-grandfather Ponciano Longoria, who was one of the Longoria men who worked on the farmland her family still owns today. The greatest shock was learning that Ponciano was stabbed to death by an Anglo farmer during a land dispute. According to the interviewer, the land in south Texas was often in dispute with Anglo farmers moving fence lines overnight to accumulate more land at the detriment of the Mexican farmer owners of the time. She also learned of another relative killed during the same time named Antonio Longoria. According to the interviewer, Antonio was killed in cold blood by the Texas Rangers. All this to defend the very land that the Longoria family had always lived on and farmed. Like Longoria has said in the past, “My family didn’t cross the border. The border crossed us.

Looks like this vacation to Spain is exactly what the Texas-born actor needed to connect with her roots.

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Morning hike! #Spain 🇪🇸

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