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11 Quinceañera Photoshoots That Are Way Over The Top

02/09/17 Jessica V. Garcia

One of the best parts of having a quinceañera is turning into a model for a day with your own full production photoshoot – any by no means do we mean a selfie sesh in your bathroom. Check out these quinceañeras who took their photoshoots to a whole other level.

Soooo is this Animal Planet or a quince photoshoot?

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Animal Planet seems to be a hot universal theme because this girl has a snake around her shoulders. A SNAKE.

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Creative and brave.

Here’s a quince photoshoot inspired by The Little Red Riding Hood.

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We don’t know if this photoshoot ended like story of “The Little Red Riding Hood.”

And in case you don’t have a wolf or snake sitting around in your backyard waiting to be tapped in as your prop, you can create your own visuals with the help of a green screen.

Sooooo cute! 😍

Or you can turn into a Tinkerbell quinceañera.

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The photoshoot is just missing her chambelan de honor dressed as Peter Pan.

This quinceañera looks like she came straight out of “Lord Of The Rings” or Narnia.

Yup, my quince pictures look like crap compared to this.

Just hoping that this quinceañera doesn’t lose her balance.😬

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And we’re also wondering how she managed to get on that tiny lancha without getting her dress wet.

This photoshoot is so intense and we can’t help but wonder what their valz will be like.

Dramatic af.

What is this? A telenovela being filmed?

The chambelan is feeling himself. We can’t help but sing “Mari Mar” in our head.

The background effects of this photoshoot are ON FLEEK.

Totally realistic.

This quince photoshoot is PERFECTION.

Totally looks like heaven on earth.

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