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Although Spanish is spoken in several Latin American countries, not all words and phrases have the same meaning. Sometimes this can lead to awkward (and dirty) situations like shown in the video above. For instance, to someone who’s Mexican the word “concha” might refer to a sweet bread. However, to someone who’s Argentinean, “concha” might actually refer to a vagina. That can lead to one awkward conversation between a Mexican and an Argentinean right?

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Other items of food have double meanings as well, such as “quesadilla.” To some it might refer to two tortillas with cheese melted in-between them. However, to others a quesadilla might refer to a sweet bread that is topped off with sesame seeds. There’s also the word “torta,” which to some people refers to a type of sandwich. But to others it refers to a sweet cake or even a vagina. So it’s quite possible that all of your life you’ve been saying words in Spanish that to you have a totally innocent meaning, but to others these words might refer to “vagina”, “penis”, “masturbation” or “pubic hairs.” Say hello to Spanish words with dirty double meanings. It’s funny, awkward, and immediately gives conversations a totally different context. Confusing right? But there’s more to it.

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What all of these double meanings show you is that every Latino culture comes with its own set of vocabulary, which can be very confusing at times, but is also very unique and beautiful. So next time you’re having a conversation in Spanish and run into a double meaning type of misunderstanding, take it as an opportunity to learn about the different meanings some words have in other Latino cultures.

Check out the video above and let us know what other Spanish words you know of that have double meanings.

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