6 Super Simple Ways You Can Raise Money for College

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bd-T1Ghn7dy/

Oh college! The land of opportunities!

But also the door of potential debt for the next decade.

If you are about to embark on this journey, you will need some extra cash. Don’t worry, you are a Latino and we know how to hustle. Here are several ways to earn some big bucks to make your college life easier:

1. Walk 100 dogs a day

Apart from the money you will probably get so fit you might become a super hero.

2. Have your abuela send you at least 500 tamales a week and sell them to all the students at school

Get a bike, make a sign, setup an social media account and you are ready to start your own business.

3. Create the next summer hit

There are a lot of songs where you still ask yourself: “How is this a thing?”. Well now you can make the next one and start cashing some big checks.

4. Become an Internet celebrity

If there is a kid out there who made 17 million dollars making videos of him opening surprise toys, you can surely find something interesting to show the world! So become famous and start cashing in on those views and dollars.

5. Dance Instructor

There is this idea that all Latinos can dance. And it is not true, but you can use this stereotype to get some people to pay you to become the next big sensation on the dance floor. Watch some videos, learn some moves and get people dancing.

6. Design the latest fashion trend 

You could be the master mind behind fashion’s newest trend. A denim tux, bracelets made of socks, you never know what people will wear these days. Incorporate your heritage to come up with something awesome and make a killing by selling your items.

If all these ideas sound too crazy, there is an easier way to get that extra money. You can apply for one of the twenty scholarships Café Bustelo® is awarding to Latino students. Applying is easy. You need to write an essay about how your Latino heritage, family and the community in which you grew up have impacted your desire and motivation to obtain a college degree, how you plan to give back to your community; and what you intend to accomplish with your degree. If you are interested in the Café Bustelo® El Café del Futuro Scholarship, click here for guidelines and apply ASAP. The last day to submit your essay is May 24th, 2019 so mark your calendar 😉

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