These 21 Instagram Travel accounts will give you FOMO

Some of us will soon be thinking about where next year will take us – specifically where it will take us on our travels.

So are you already dreaming of a vacation that features white sand, crystal clear waters, palm trees and hammocks? Or do you envision yourself in a pristine, lush rainforest swimming under waterfalls?

Wherever it is, these adventurous influencers are the go-to experts on where to eat, sleep and play around the globe. So live vicariously through these jetsetters first, before you plan your own globetrotting adventures.

Scrolling through Instagram gives us real wanderlust envy, when we see the gorgeous destinations these travel aficionados are showing us through the IG universe.

So if you need some travel inspiration, check out some of the most wanderlust-inducing, motivating and influential travel Instagram accounts on the planet that you need to follow now – like – RIGHT NOW.

Credit: Instagram

This gorgeous IG account gives you the perfect kickoff to exploring South America and start planning your adventures. From favelas to waterfalls, this Instagram is awesome travelling inspiration and can point you in the direction of the must-see sights of this amazing continent. We suggest staring at the sunset at the world’s largest salt flats in Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia – just WOW!


Credit: Instagram paulodelvalle

As a traveller, photographer and filmmaker based in São Paulo & Rio, Paulo De Valle considers Rio one of the most beautiful places in the world. He’s grown from using an iPhone with just a few followers to taking photos professionally, now sharing them with 360K people on his Instagram account. His capture of the Dona Marta Viewpoint for sunrise gives us wanderlust.

His account has breath taking pictures from across the globe. His amazing grams are very precisely described making it easy for the followers to learn about the place and add it to their bucket list.


Credit: Instagram briarnepigott

Briarne ⚡️Her Wanderlust Guide

Briarne is a solo female traveller from Australia. She has spent considerable time in Latin America exploring its landscape and immersing herself in its culture. Her grams are perfectly captured at times with wacky images and an honest narrative.

She is high on fashion statements and has some swoon worthy modelling pictures. She also has a travel blog where she blogs and documents her world travels.


Credit: Instagram gotlib

Based in Argentina, Agustin Gotlib gives us a cooler view into South America with shots of mountains, snow and icy lakes. It’s hard not to be mesmerized by vast landscapes, misty mornings and eerily empty roads.

His pictures show Latin America from a local’s perspective. His frames are very vivid, expressive and clear and he uses minimalist descriptions for most of his posts.


Credit: Instagram dannyzappa

Also based in São Paulo is Danny Zappa who steers away from typically touristy shots and instead reveals an urban, artsy look into the Latin lifestyle. If you want to discover charming doorways, quirky architecture and lots and lots of windows, you need to tap follow on this Instagram.

He is a photographer and visual content creator by profession and this is evident in his pictures, where he ‘frames’ objects perfectly.


Credit: Instagram annaleticohen

This Instagram is all about color and Brazil is full of it! Anna Leti Cohen features the brightest side of Brazil; from graffiti walls to magical skies her account reflects the vibrant and colorful culture of South America. We have fallen in love with her shot of favela girls who beautifully capture the spirit of Brazil!

While her pictures are well edited and wacky, she is a girl of few words. She documents her travels in just minimalist detail, however puts Brazil is a really colorful light.

nathaliagajo – Nextrip

Credit: Instagram nathaliagajo – Nextrip

Be prepared to be envious of Nathalia’s beach life! Her Instagram account Nextrip is full of adventures, showcasing coastal scenery and waterfall wonders that will have you packing your bags immediately. Her picture perfect shots show her adventurous, athletic side whilst always maintaining her on-point fashion wins.


Credit: Instagram rosibelle

Unlike many of the other Latinxs on this list, France-based Rosibelle travels with her son and posts the cutest Instagram photos of their adventures along the way. Mixed in and amongst some interesting photography angles, are some good old-fashioned Instagram selfies too. Proving that motherhood is far from the end of your travel dreams, Rosibelle’s feed is one for anyone who was ever told they couldn’t.

Rosibelle runs a blog post wherein she documents her travels in great detail and talks about fashion and lifestyle. She is quite a fashionista and this is pretty evident from her pictures.

Quote from Rosibelle: “Seeing a diverse group of Latinas in mainstream travel media, inspires girls like me to see the beauty this world has to offer, learn about other cultures, and positively represent who we are across the globe. It gives us more visibility and encourages the younger generation to feel like traveling and exploring is accessible to them. Many will say to themselves, “If she can do it, so can I”, and being able to have a positive influence like that is pretty amazing.”


Credit: Instagram xochilthmartinez

The dominating aesthetic of Xo’s Instagram is vibrancy — richly saturated colors, tons of iconic backdrops, and amazing attention to detail, overtake every photo. Be warned, you’ll be left clamoring to get out of the country after scrolling through her brilliantly put-together, feast for the eyes, of an IG feed.

While some accounts are about high fashion and being picture perfect, her account is all about the girl next door charm. Her posts are charming and beautiful, and at the same time simple and relatable.

Quote From Xo: “My Instagram gives me the opportunity to represent a minority and to break cultural stereotypes. I’m proud to show people the world through my eyes and that I always carry my Latin spirit no matter where I go.”


Credit: Instagram AroundtheWorldBeauty

As the name suggests, @atwbeauty brings together the dual passions of its curator — MUA Stephanie Flor — combining travel and beauty in one effortlessly beautiful Instagram feed. Whether she’s doing makeup in Morocco, browsing for perfume in Florence, or admiring masterpieces in France, every photo will have you longing to hop on a plane.

This is a one of its kind insta account, where her appetite for beauty, fashion and travel are all equally and lovingly created and documented. In addition to her IG account she has a blog wherein she creates even more travel and beauty content for readers.


Credit: Instagram ochristine

Afro-Latinx travel blogger and Instagrammer Olivia Christine shares more than just her travels on her account @ochristine. In fact, she posts about everything from tacos to teepees and even her recent engagement, which happened overlooking Donner Lake in California. Showing her followers how to balance travel and wellness (as she lives with lupus), along the way.


Credit: Instagram cryscastles

While some Instagrammers shy away from sharing their face and stealing the shot, Crystal is not about that life. Whether she’s hanging out with Christmas trees that look straight out of Home Alone, posing in front of geode-inspired street art, or taking moody shots of New York cityscapes, her feed is always inspirational and visually interesting.

Quote From Crystal: “It’s important to show the Latinx community that traveling is obtainable. Through our travels, we get to experience different cultures and lifestyles. It shows us to grow a deeper appreciation for the things we have in our lives. Traveling nurtures one’s soul. We need to continue to strengthen and encourage diversity across all social media platforms like Instagram.”


Credit: Instagram latinoamericaneando

Think street scenes, street art and a little bit of edge surrounded by some glamor shots of this incredible continent. Mainly in Spanish and Portuguese language, but who cares when you are looking at these stunning shots right? At the time of writing these guys have 36.5k followers.

These guys also have a very colorful well maintained travel blog which talks in detail about their Latin American travel escapades.


Credit: Instagram uniquelatinamerica

We think this IG account is going places, gorgeous images from across the continent with great destination information and colorful and intriguing insights. At present a tick over 5k followers, but we think it’s definitely one to watch. In addition to the insta account, these globetrotters also have a website focused on unique Latin American experiences.


Credit: Instagram thebusandus

Meet Tessa & Dillon – Cruising the Americas in our ’75 VW Bus ???? Rita

We love these guys! What happens when a guy and a girl decide to drive their Volkswagen kombi from Alaska to Argentina and back? Find out from this unique IG account, with their incredible images, adventures and stories, in one of the world’s most iconic vehicles.

Their website talks about their travel story and it is an impressive one to read.


Credit: Instagram gregcayea

Guinness Record for – The Longest Road Trip

Greg Cayea doesn’t have a lot of followers on his Instagram account, which makes him a hidden treasure. He is currently the Guinness world record holder for the longest road trip and he just returned from a largely unplanned trip across South America. He knows travel. He is also brash and totally open, and that means his travel photos come with long, oversharing tales of things like skinny dipping with random women from Canada and Belgium.

As a writer published in places like Playboy and Elle, it’s clear Cayea can spin a yarn, and his Instagram is just another vehicle for his amazing travel writing, as well as his drawings. Seriously, we love him and get giddy every time he posts.


Credit: Instagram karlwatsondocs

Following along Karl Watson’s adventures is always a delight. Watson’s main gig is his Youtube channel where he hosts a very informative, fun, and enticing travel show, Karl Watson: Travel Documentaries. Each episode is a deep dive into a location that’s sure to light a fire under anyone thinking of hitting the road.

Karl’s Instagram feed serves as a great teaser for upcoming episodes of his show, as Watson trots around the globe. He takes serious travel and makes it fun and more importantly, accessible. He’s less about showing you how cool he is — although we all know he’s pretty cool — and more about showing you that you, too, can travel this big world of ours, and see all these wonderful sites for yourself.


Credit: Instagram gypsea_lust

Lauren Bullen, or Gypsea Lust, is a powerhouse of social media. Her feed is the high-water mark of what you can achieve in the world of travel and Instagram.  Lauren has set the algorithm that so many have attempted to replicate for Insta-fame and success: runway ready body + high-quality photographer + postcard-perfect locales.

Lauren’s feed is the siren on the rocks calling Odysseus and his crew. It’s a fantasy for sure, although it’s a fantasy we all want to get lost in.


Credit: Instagram globetrotting_gingertravel

Aubrie Bell created an entire travel lifestyle brand, Globetrotting Ginger Travel, around her fiery red hair. Now, she travels the hippest destinations around the world and offers a glimpse into the higher end of travel.

Reducing Aubrie’s brand to just the color of her hair would be a mistake. She also promotes solo female travel all over the world through empowerment and inspiration. Her feed is about opening up to the world and exploring every corner and her posts are featured around travel, fashion and lifestyle.


Credit: Instagram lostleblanc

Christian LeBlanc @lostleblanc says he escaped the 9-to-5 and now travels vlogging and filmmaking around the world. He’s currently in Bangkok, Thailand. His IG account is testament to how picture perfect travel in exotic locations is done.


Credit: Instagram doyoutravel

Jack Morris behind the blog “Do you Travel” and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen @gypsealust have caused a media frenzy with many of their wanderlust-inducing Instagram shots. And it’s not hard to see why, just scrolling their feed makes us want to drop everything and book that plane ticket. Serious FOMO!

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