This Ice Cream Shop In California Makes Taco Shaped Ice Cream Treats

Fork Yeah: Sweet Cup

These rolled ice cream tacos are LA's hottest new summer treat:

Posted by Thrillist on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Credit: Thrillist / Facebook

Sweet Cup in Garden Grove, Calif. was almost a Boba shop, until owner Kenny Tran got some inside advice from his brother: “Why don’t you just add an ice cream item in there? Rolled ice cream is the newest craze here in Orange County.” That’s the moment when the rolled ice cream taco at Sweet Cup was born. Calling it “an artistic process,” Tran says customers love being able to see their sweet treats get made. Changing Taco Tuesday as we know it, Sweet Cup only serves the unique desserts on Tuesdays — Taco Tuesdays. With lots of flavors, edible gold, and cones shaped into hardshell tacos, Sweet Cup brings a creative twist to a dinner staple.

This Twitter user is planning a whole trip around checking out the Ice Cream Taco.

Sweet Cup recently introduced this treat on “Taco Tuesday” and it’s blown up.

Here's a way to add some color to your diet! 🌮🍦🌈 #sweetcupoc

Posted by Sweet Cup on Thursday, June 15, 2017

Credit: Sweet Cup / Facebook

Several comments left on Sweet Cups Facebook page say they’ve waited in line for hours and then not ended up with the taco because of demand. Yikes.

If you can get there in time, they do look pretty tasty. Especially their blue Monsters Inc. taco ice cream and the Strawberry Cheesecake one.

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