25 Latinx Owned Businesses Who Are Disrupting The Food Industry

credit: brokenspanishla / Equelecuá Cuban Cafe


If there is one thing Latinos are known for, it is definitely the food. As you can see, we have taken out own traditional foods and fused them with some of the most iconic dishes. How can you deny the grandeur of an elote pizza? Not only are we creating some amazing foods, we are also disrupting the traditional food industry with our unique take on flavor and menu items. Check out the 25 Latinx businesses that are changing the food game.


Part of being Latinx is having food as a love language. No matter your family’s traditions or where you grew up, one things can be certain: everything centered around food.

Which is why it’s awesome to see these Latinx entrepreneurs absolutely reinventing the Latinx food game and putting modern twists on home classics. It’s not only impressive, but it’s also a really unique way to introduce Latinx culture to others that might never encounter it. We’ve added another dozen to our list of amazing places to check out that totally change the way we eat Latinx food.

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