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These 21 Ways Of Enjoying Sopa De Fideo Are Delicious, Surprising, And Very Different


Sopa de fideo is one of the main culinary staples in a Latino household. The tomato based soup with the small noodles always makes an appearance this time of year when we are all battling the flu and the cold. The only thing that changes is what your family preferred to put in the soup. Here are 21 sopas de fideo with different ingredients.

1. Cheese


You can never go wrong with cheese. Cotija cheese, queso fresco or queso panelo go a long way in this soup. There is no need for a lot of fluff when it comes to some well placed dairy in this delicious soup.

2. Jalapeños and Carrots


This is easy because all you have to do is crack open a can and pour the goodies inside. One of the few upgrades to a Latino dish that doesn’t require a lot of prep and time in the kitchen. #Blessed

3. Meatballs

CREDIT: zurymaguti / Instagram

This might look like just some spaghetti and meatballs, but you’d be wrong. Same sopa de fideo just a little heavier on the noodles and purposefully paired with some delicious meatballs. It looks like spaghetti and meatballs but the flavors are much more complex and delicious.

4. Salami

CREDIT: cocinandoencasadeliz / Instagram

This Dominican take on the soup is something everyone should try. How doesn’t like salami? It adds the perfect amount of added salt to make you crave more and more. Add some cilantro if you want and you have a great soup.

5. Frijoles


Beans are good on more than just rice. That’s right. Throw some beans into your soup and add some substance and texture to that thing. It might remind you of chili but it is way more delicious.

6. Fresh Peppers

CREDIT: lapinaenlacocina / Instagram

If you don’t want to pour canned vegetables into your soup, use a fresh pepper. You can add on after it is served and keep it super fresh or throw it in while cooking to it softens a little and the flavor spreads. Can’t go wrong with some chile in your food, amirite

7. Tostones

CREDIT: madebylulu_ / Instagram

Tostones are fried green plantains that are smashed and fried again. They are usually coated with salt because the green plantains are not sweet. The savory little treat adds a nice crunch to your soup.

8. Nopales (Cactus)

CREDIT: mikeg6424 / Insgtagram

Noaples are a staple in Mexican cooking and something that many people have never tried. If you are going out there adn trying a brand new soup, might as well do it all the way. Add this to your soup and call it a day. The red onions only add to the experience.

9. Bananas


This one is out there but bananas with savory food isn’t too rare with Latino cuisine. Bananas are sometimes used with seasoned rice because that banana sweetness perfectly compliments the savory spices used.

10. Seafood

CREDIT: danielhcalderon / Instagram

Don’t like chicken or beef but want to add some protein? Seafood is the way to go. You can add shrimp, as pictured above, or any kind of soup you can imagine. Definitely worth a try to add some extra protein.

11. Mushrooms

CREDIT: noricae / Instagram

For the fungus lovers, mushrooms are a great addition. It’s a good blend of Asian and Latino culture in a soup bowl. Anyone into mushrooms and soup should give this a try.

12. Corn

CREDIT: zumbaconmary / Instagram

Crunchy, sweet, delicious. Corn is perfect as it is or when you add it to just about anything. So, of course corn would make a great addition to soup. Try it out. You won’t be disappointed.


CREDIT: Full House / Warner Bros.

Let’s take a short break to clean up that drool. These photos are so appetizing that you will definitely need some soup after your done.

13. Sour Cream

CREDIT: xorenagxo / Instagram

Add some thickness and cut the spice with a little bit of sour cream. There’s really no way to go wrong with sour cream. Unless you are lactose intolerant. In that case, do your family a favor a steer clear of this.

14. Avocado

CREDIT: girlforacleanworld / Instagram

Keep it vegan. If you want to try something close to classic but not quite, give it a little avocado. This super fruit is something you probably already eat too much of so what does it hurt to add to this.

15. Hard-Boiled Eggs


This is a two birds with one stone kind of deal. You can cook the eggs in the soup to get them hard boiled (just don’t levae them in there the whole time). Once the soup is ready, peel the eggs and add.

16. Eggrolls

CREDIT: eglovin / Instagram

Another moment of culinary fusion. Why not pair it with an eggroll? There is nothing wrong with two worlds colliding, especially when it is this kind of delicious. Yum. Yum. Yum.

17. Chicken Feet

CREDIT: starbucksanonymous / Instagram

Surprise! You can even add chicken feet to the soup because they can be added to anything. It might be surprising but you’ll be able to find these at just about any grocery store in town. Live a little. Give it a shot.



Okay. Sorry to surprise you with that one. It was totally un expected but it isn’t totally out there to think that someone that you know probably loves chicken feet.

18. Olives

CREDIT: zoezerkat / Instagram

If you don’t think that soup is salty enough, just add olives. Yeah. This is a thing and it kind of makes sense. If you just can’t get enough of those green things, just add a few more to your soup.

19. Picadilla


Woah. That looks amazing. Why aren’t more people putting picadilla in all of their soups. This is something that should be taught in all high schools because this is genius.

Mind. Blown.

CREDIT: Glee / Fox

*learns to make picadilla and adds it to everything* Who else is thinking about the last time they had picadilla?

20. Vienna Sausages

CREDIT: hens_mty / Instagram

Remember those little sausages in a can that your mom sent with you to school? Well, add those to soup. Why not?

21. Platanos Maduro

CREDIT: codepaul / Instagram

This is when that plantain is nice and ripe. That sweet flavor transform the sopa de fideo adding so much more to the soup than just a basic soup flavor.

Now it’s time to have some sopa de fideo.

CREDIT: MalumaVEVO / YouTube

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