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The Exhausting Process Of Making Tamales For The Holidays Broken Down In GIFs

As much as I look forward to spending the holidays with my family, there’s one element to it that I dread every year, and that’s having to prepare tamales. And the bigger your family, the more back-breaking the task of making tamales gets.

If you’ve experienced this exhausting labor, then you’ll be able to relate to the following process:

It all starts with having to wake up early AF to drive to the store to buy the masa.


Yes, it’s a whole-day process that starts at the crack of dawn.

Since everyone likes to buy their masa at the same spot, the line goes all the way down the street.


And it takes foreverrrrrrr.

Unfortunately, masa isn’t the only item you have to buy.


Along with the big bags of masa, you also have dozens of corn husks and all of the fillings for the different types of tamales you’ll be making on your shopping list. Rajas, cheese, chicken, veggies….

Once everything is purchased, it’s then time to gather you tamal-prepping team.


Usually the head of the team will assign everyone their tasks and keep every person in check. At my house, this role is filled by my grandma.

Sometimes you get chosen to help whether you want to or not.


This happens to me every year.

The assembly line begins, and it’s a 4+ hour process depending on how many tamales you’re making.


It takes even longer if you’re preparing the masa from scratch.

Once your fingers are wrinkled and shoulders are on fire from making dozens of tamales, you end the process by organizing all of the tamales into a large pot.


Make sure to organize them the correct way (with opening of the corn husk facing up) or else they won’t cook at all. The masa won’t harden and all the fillings will dump out. If you do it the wrong way, your mom or grandma WILL yell at you.

Despite how much this process drains your energy…


So. Exhausting.

…eating and spending the holidays with your friends and family makes it all worth it.


? And they better not dare complain about the tamales.

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Chefs Are Battling It Out On This New 'Plant-Based' Cooking Show That Is Definitely Not Mom Approved

food and drink

Chefs Are Battling It Out On This New ‘Plant-Based’ Cooking Show That Is Definitely Not Mom Approved


Mitú and go90 have teamed up to bring vegan fans a cooking reality show like no other.

Two chefs will battle head-to-head in a “high” stakes cooking challenge, where they must create vegan dishes for celebrity judges while high out of their minds. You read that right. The chefs brought onto the show will first have to smoke some weed before they are let loose in the kitchen to use their expertise to create some bomb vegan dishes. The winner of the competition will have their very own dish featured at Whiskey Baby, chef Jason Eisner’s new restaurant. Eisner, the owner of LA vegan spot Gracias Madre, and comedian Josh Blue join actress Marycarmen Lopez as judges.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect on the show.

First, Blue gets them nice and baked because “High Cuisine wouldn’t work any other way.”

CREDIT: mitú

Blue has his very own line of edibles with Mountain High Suckers called Josh’s Blue Dreams, making him the marijuana expert on the show. The comedian has Cerebral Palsy and uses marijuana for its medicinal properties, which ease his symptoms.

Once properly stoned, the chefs take to the kitchen and get to cooking.

CREDIT: mitú

Each week, the chefs will face a different challenge based on a theme. The first episode, which is currently live on go90, is Thanksgiving, or Danksgiving.

Finally, all the food is plated and submitted to the judges, who critique on looks and taste.

CREDIT: mitú

The judges then crown the winner. There can only be one every episode so these chefs need to deliver if they want the right to say they are the “High Cuisine” master.

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