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This Mexican Snack Shop In California Has Gotten So Popular, People Wait 2 Hours

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Swirl Fiesta is a frozen yogurt shop like no other. Of course they have the typical frozen yogurts and delicious toppings that you would expect from any yogurt shop, but this spot is changing the game. Not only can you cool down on a hot day with some froyo; you can also elevate your snack time with incredible elotes. But make sure you leave enough time. This place is so popular that people are reporting wait times of 1 to 2 hours.

Swirl Fiesta is a one-stop shop for anyone craving a Mexican snack in Riverside, Calif.

We got your weekend meal plan set ????????

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From elotes and tostilocos…

Come celebrate "TOSTILOCO TUESDAY" with us ???

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…to frozen yogurt and raspados…

Swirl Fiesta has everything anyone could need to make their snack time a special time.

? ?

But make sure you leave enough time.

Read Elena M.‘s review of Swirl Fiesta on Yelp

According to reviews on Yelp, Swirl Fiesta has been inundated with orders resulting in waits up to 2 hours long.

But, what should one expect when going to a place to order Hot Cheetos and Takis elotes.

We're ready for the weekend??Come through for any of our delicious ??? . Thanks @irenechenn for the awesome ?

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The question is: Would you be willing to wait two hours for a Takis elote?

TOSTI-LOCO TUESDAY?? Check out the cool creation @__scotty came up with,straight fiyahhhh. ? ? @__scotty

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Check out this review of Swirl Fiesta’s Flamin’ Hot Cheetos elotes.

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Unfortunately, as OC WEEKLY points out, Santa Ana’s city council has its regulatory targets set directly on the community of food trucks in the Santa Ana area.


For now, the loncheras remain, but if these strict regulations are handed down, the days of these trucks are likely numbered. This will put at risk the income of a large section of the local population in Santa Ana and it will remove a crucial part of the culture and community as well.

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