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Quiz: What Kind Of Raspado Are You?

One of the best things in this summer heat is getting to enjoy an ice-cold, sweet and refreshing raspado. Sounds bomb doesn’t it? Well, what if you were actually a raspado? Which flavor would you be?

Answer these questions and we’ll let you know which raspado flavor you match with the most.

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Be Prepared To Get Jealous Once You See What The McDonald's Menus In These Latin American Countries Look Like

food and drink

Be Prepared To Get Jealous Once You See What The McDonald’s Menus In These Latin American Countries Look Like

The McDonald’s menus in Latin America will make you drool.

McDonald’s is known for their signature Big Mac and french fries, but their menu is compleeetely different across Latin America. This is what part of the breakfast menu looks like in Costa Rica:


This bad boy comes with gallo pinto, scrambled eggs, sausage, tortillas, and plátanos fritos.

If you thought it couldn’t get any bigger than the Big Mac, check out these massive breakfast sandwiches they have in Puerto Rico:


These are twice the size of a breakfast McGriddle.

Desayuno in Mexico includes biscuits con frijol y queso that they call McMOLLETES.


They sure know how to make frijoles y queso look fancy.

For a more simple, yet homey type of breakfast, the McDonald’s menu in Colombia offers this dish:


Super simple, but almost looks like something your mom would cook at home.

If you’ve grown tired of the 6-piece Chicken McNuggets, in Guatemala you can order chicken legs, wings AND thighs for lunch.


What is this? KFC?

To go along with that fried chicken, the McDonald’s in Brazil offers you these fresh ass french fries:


These look soooo much better than their regular french fries.

And to top off their tasty lunch menu, Ecuador offers empanadas! Yes. Empanadas.


Soooo jealous.

As for the dessert menu, Uruguay has a lot more to offer than just a McFlurry.


This looks so bommmmmb!!

But even the restaurants in Latin America that do serve McFlurrys find a way to out stage the American Oreo McFlurry. Check out what they’re handing out in Argentina:


So jealous. All of these different menus really make me want to visit every McDonald’s in the world.

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