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Can You Be Trusted To Watch Over Los Frijoles? Take This Quiz And Find Out

When your mom leaves to run an errand, she sometimes leaves you in charge of a few things at the house, it’s likely that one of those chores you’re responsible for are la hoya de los frijoles. This is a huuuuge responsibility, but can you handle it?

Take this quiz to find out if you’re the type of person who forgets about the frijoles on the stove.

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Meet The Father And Son Duo Behind One Of Chicago's Most Beloved Carnitas Spots

food and drink

Meet The Father And Son Duo Behind One Of Chicago’s Most Beloved Carnitas Spots

Credit: Munchies / YouTube

“I felt like we were back in Michoacan.”

Munchies’ “Chef’s Night Out” series usually features some of the most respected chefs in the food game. They range from classically trained fine dining chefs to self-taught chefs who have established themselves in their communities. If you read the comments they get on YouTube, nearly every chef is described as a “hipster.”

In this installment of “Chef’s Night Out,” there are no hipsters to be found. Instead, they follow Marcos Carbajal of Carnitas Uruapan, a staple in Chicago’s Latin-heavy Pilsen neighborhood. After working in finance for several years, Carbajal realized how important his father’s carnitas restaurant was to the neighborhood, so ditched his business suits for an apron and began working with his dad.

The episode features the usual drunken restaurant-hopping, but it also tells the powerful immigrant story of Inocencio Carbajal, who arrived in the U.S. in 1969 and sold some of his most prized possessions in order to raise money for his carnitas business. Now, his restaurant is one of the most beloved spots in Pilsen.

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