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Proof All These Trendy Hipster Foods Were Basically Invented By Our Latina Grannies

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Avocado toast, quinoa, and so many other foods are the new cool, healthy thing to eat. But who said they were new? Our abuelitas have been feeding us these things since we can remember. Literally, most of our collective memories are about the delicious treats out abeulas, tías, y mamis fed us since we were in diapers. Now, there’s nothing wrong with people embracing our culture and our foods and, honestly, the rush to consume these foods is a compliment. So, thanks, y’all.

Rice Milk

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That’s cute. We call it horchata and we have been drinking this life-sustaining nectar since we could barely crawl.

The Wrap

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Now, it might look like a lazy burrito, and it kind of is. Our school lunches usually consisted of tortillas and some kind of filling, in separate containers, and we got to build our own lunches. It was like a Latino Lunchable.


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Suddenly it’s a superfood and it’s everywhere from toast to burgers and beyond. Meanwhile, back home, we’ve been eating it with a spoon out of the skin. It is the best way to enjoy an avocado but we understand the need to change things up so they are more inticing.

Mexican Grilled Corn

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Elotes are a life source for so many of us. We couldn’t get enough of this delicious snack when we were growing up. Nothing like seeing an elotero fixing these bad boys on the streets.


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This little grain has made a big splash around the world because of the power they contain. However, the over saturation of quinoa in the global market is putting a strain on farmers and the general population in Peru and Bolivia where the grain has long sustained the community. Perhaps finding sustainable and fair trade ways to move quinoa around the world would be a good thing to consider.


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Tacos have changed so much in recent years. Some have gotten smaller. Some have gotten bougie. Others have gotten crazy expensive and the ingredients in them are a little much. However, food evolves when other influences touch them so just seek out the ones you like and let the rest just exist.

Hand Pies

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Or, as millions of people in Latin America call them, empanadas. These dough pockets of goodness have been around for longer than we can remember. Enjoy your hand pies.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

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Okay. So our abuelas haven’t been feeding us these during our childhood but they were a major part of our community. They were created by a Latino employee at Frito-Lay and soon took off like wildfire. They are now on pizzas, elotes, smoothies, and there was even a pop-up restaurant dedicated to them.


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Pupusas are the most iconic food staple in Salvadoran culture. Moms prepared these all the time and they are currently seeing a Renaissance with restaurants popping up everywhere and there are even stands slinging this delicacy at music festivals. It’s about time the pupusa started getting the love it deserved.

Bonus: Big Butts

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Before Kim K and Nicki Minaj, Selena Quintanilla was rocking the big butt without issue. She was the inspo for so many women today rocking the big booty, real or not.

…and Blow Outs

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Sure, you can say they were created by salons in the South, but telenovela stars have been rocking them since the ’80s. Also, our moms never let us leave the house until she washed our hair and blow dried and styled it because when you leave the house you represent the family.

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If You Can Finish a 30-Pound Burrito, This Restaurant Will Make You Part Owner

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If You Can Finish a 30-Pound Burrito, This Restaurant Will Make You Part Owner

This is Don Chingon. It’s a Mexican restaurant in New York City that just opened up.

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Credit: @donchingonnyc / Instagram

They’re already giving their customers a chance to own 10% of the restaurant. But of course, there’s a catch. A big one.

In order to get your piece of the restaurant, you have to defeat their “Big Chingon” challenge:


You have to finish a 30-POUND burrito without any bathroom breaks (or vomiting).

For just $150, you get crack a this thing.

Credit: NY Daily News

Wondering how it’s made? They use two 3-pound flour tortillas…

Credit: NY Daily News

10 pounds of pork and chicken drowned in 5 pounds of avocado salsa…

Credit: NY Daily News

5 pounds of rice and 4 pounds of cheese…

Credit: NY Daily News

Aaaaand a pound of salsa.

Credit: NY Daily News

Looks impossible to finish, right?

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.26.14 PM

Credit: NY Daily News

That’s because IT IS impossible.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.26.59 PM
Credit: NY Daily News

Don Chingon owner Vic Robey says he created the challenge by doubling the current world record for the largest burrito eaten: 14.25 pounds. The record is held by champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut (yep, the hot dog guy). George Shea, the chairman of Major League Eating, told the New York Daily News: “Obviously, it’s an interesting competition because it is so outrageous — no one can eat 30 pounds of anything in one sitting. We would never sanction any such event because there are no safety measures in place.”

So go ahead and give it a shot, but no matter big of a dent you make in that 30-lb monster, chances are you’ll end up like this:


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