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If You Were A Cup Of Coffee, What Type Would You Be?

On some days, it’s almost impossible to function properly without your dose of coffee in the morning. But once that caffeine starts kicking in, it does wonderssss. ☕️✨

Now, not all cafés are the same. If you were a cup of coffee yourself, what type of coffee would you be? Answer these questions and find out.

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Can You Tell Which Celebrity Picture Is From the 1900's And Which One Is From 2016?


Can You Tell Which Celebrity Picture Is From the 1900’s And Which One Is From 2016?

It’s been scientifically proven that Latinos age slower than most other ethnicities and if that wasn’t enough proof, there’s a long list of Latino celebrities who don’t look a day over 21. If given two pictures of the same celebrity that were taken 10+ years apart, would you be able to guess which picture was taken when they were younger? Take the quiz and find out!